Im in love with my science teacher. Do you guys think that's right? Should i tell him the way i feel? Please please help me. By the way im 14 and he is 24, and he does not have a girlfriend and he isn't married.


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He would get sent to jail. I wouldn't tell him if I was you. But that's not saying two people with that age difference could never work it just means wait till your 18 or 19 and then if you still really like him then you can tell him. My grandma was 16 and married someone 30 years old. But it was a different time then and I guess not as many rules. She really loved him and they stayed together all their life. The bad thing about it is that he will most likely die before you and that part was really hard on my grandma. Just make sure if you tell him you wait till you are at least 18 or he will just blow you off cause he knows he can go to jail for it and if you do tell him while you are 14 and he says he likes you back or something he might not be a trustable guy. There are a lot of creeps out there now days and you really have to be careful.
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"The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" I'm not suggesting you go out and sleep with somebody. I am suggesting that you cannot do anything practical about your feelings towards your teacher, at least not now. Do not tell him... You will still have to see him every day, that could end up being very awkward (for you both). Not to mention the fact that other people in your class may find out, do not take that to mean you should take other people's judgements on your love life as the number one priority but people can be cruel.
Rather, I would suggest that you don't try to focus on stopping your feelings or persuing them. I suggest that you look around your school, look at every single guy that passes you in the corridor. Can you imagine yourself with any of them? Even the most seemingly out of reach, desireable guys in your school... I hate to say it, but you have more chance with them than your teacher, even if they already have girlfriends! Maybe you will find someone there that you can imagine being with... Maybe potentially fall in love with if you got to know them.... Try and develop this other crush, even if you are not quite ready to be in relationship with them. This may help you take your mind off your teacher or at least make your feelings more manageable...perhaps go on a date. If it is really love that you  have for your teacher it will still be there four years from now. Then you will be of legal age. If you approach your teacher now what good would come of it? Would you be able to have a relationship?..probably not. Only more hurt and confusion would result. ....But...there is no harm in keeping him as your secret fantasy.
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, that's completely and utterly wrong in so many ways, you have to be over the age of 18 to date a guy that age, stay with people your age. (:
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I would stay with someone your age...he could be thrown in jail if you two tried anything!
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The best adviser is your self. Check your age, it's very wrong... at least 15-20 looks a little bit more sensible. In Uganda this would be a defilement case. Lucky the man is not a Ugandan I guess!

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I am sorry but i  do not think that , that is right because the means that when he was 10 you were born. But you should tell him how you feel,but make sure you do not make it seem like you are obssessed. You should try to get it over with because you do have a chance of not able to go out with him ever....Sorry but you can try to work things out probably be good friernds

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Ask him for his phone number in case you have any questions when your at home. Then text him and tell him how you feel and maybe send him a sexy picture.

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Let me see if I can put this in simplest terms .. The answer is .. No .. I repeat .. NO .. It is not right, nor is it "love". What it is is an infatuation.

No you should not tell him.. That would not go well for either of you.. Especially him. That would put him in a very awkward position. You really have no idea what is going on in his personal life .. It's irrelevant whether or not he has a girl friend.

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No that's only going to cause a lot of trouble for both you and your teacher and he could lose his job as well.It's best not to act on your feelings and just concentrate on your studies instead.
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You are so young my dear. And thats not love. Thats "puppy love". When you are adult you will just laugh about it. Go easy with your feelings.
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Try to move foward, if you do tell him, there will be consequences.
It would be very dangerous, too, he would be sent to jail.
Meet someone else, try to forget him.
It's a no-no to date a teacher if your under 18!

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