What's It Like To Feel Loved?


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Feel The Love

To feel loved... It's a very unexplainable term. Everyone feels love differently from each other. Some need to be loved only a, and some need a lot more. To be loved is for you to allow yourself for someone to love you and for someone to give it to you. 'Love is blind' they will say if you don't realize it.

Some people love quietly just in their hearts and not showing it physically. Some people show love physically as in doing things for one another. It just depends on what kind of love you're talking about or looking for.

Once you feel loved, you will still not be able to explain or define love. Love is just a combined form of caring, trust, loyalty, respect, & honesty.

Love Thyself
Love is something you can't make happen to you - it will come to you when you least expect it. For now, you need to calm down and start thinking about YOU. If you have friends that are making you feel like you're the only one around that doesn't have someone to love or be loved by, it's time to start looking around for new ones. You need to come out of hiding and start being friends with yourself first. Whether or not you know it, you have a lot of smarts, talents, and so much to give to this world and to someone special, and I know you're thinking "There is no-one special...". But you are so wrong!

There Is No-one Special
There are. There are a lot of guys out there in your future, but at this point, you are so negative about yourself, you're sending them that message. I thought my world ended when I lost my first husband, and nobody ever gave me a second look for over a year - so yeah, I know how it is to feel unloved or unwanted. When I finally thought about it, I began to feel peaceful with myself, and decided to just chill out and be nice to everyone, find new friends and a new job. Four months later I met the guy that became my second husband.
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Love is just a combined form of caring, trust, loyalty, respect, & honesty. Once you have all 5 together you get "LOVE".
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Sweety! You will soon find you true love! God has a plan for you and it will come when he feels that you are ready! He will not give you someone that is bad! That is why it is taking some time! When he finds the right one you will know it! But please be patient! Just have faith in God sweety!! He will guide you the way!  I love you sweety! And so does God!
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Rossi you answered my question and hers. Anyways just wait he will be there soon trust my you are young and all you really have to do is wait for him because he is waiting for you to
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To be honest, love is different for everyone! It can be the art of exploring each other's bodies or going where you've never gone before, doing things you'd never do for anyone else! Feeling so embraced and taken in every little moment and sharing many good times! It is a wonderful feeling and experience, it makes you feel and appreciate the warmth of his/her touch. It's laying on their chest to hear their heartbeat as if it were crying for your love! It's most of all, what you make of it :)
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That helps alot armyguy.... But ive felt just like that... Swore i was in love, but it turned into a nightmare... He cheeted on me and then after a while he changed... Came back... But... Yeah, were still talking, but i just found out that he is still in love with his ex... Now i dont know what to do... I gave him my life and all i got was this! I feel so alone... :.(
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I understand your question and your dilemma. We need to experience love to know it. I am sure it is not what you think it is or you wouldn't say that you don't want any. How can you know that, if you have never had any. Love can feel like so many things. It is like coming inside to a warm fire when you are freezing. It is like the excitement of riding on a carnival ride, and being way up in the air. It is like a hundred friends jumping in on your side, when a bully is picking on you. It is like a warm puppy, trying to climb up in your lap. It is like winning the hardest video/computer game for the first time. It is like getting the best test score on a really hard test, and having the teacher say, you are the smartest person I ever met. It is even better than that. Would you be friends with me? I like making new friends, and I think you are pretty cool! That is a very good question.
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Love is something you can't make happen to you -- it will come to you when you least expect it.  For now, you need to calm down and start thinking about YOU.  If you have friends that are making you feel like you're the only one around that doesn't have someone to love or be loved by, it's time to start looking around for new ones.  I read your profile, and you need to come out of hiding and start being friends with yourself first.  Whether or not you know it, Kristin, you have a lot of smarts, talents, and so much to give to this world and to someone special, and I know you're thinking "There is no-one special...".  But you are so wrong!!  There are, there are a lot of guys out there in your future, but at this point, you are so negative about yourself, you're sending them that message.  If those are pix of you on your profile --- you are one heck of a pretty young woman, and you can be even more attractive with a gentle smile and some patience.  I thought my world ended when I lost my first husband, and nobody ever gave me a second look for over a year -- so yeah, I know how it is to feel unloved or unwanted.  When I finally prayed about it (my friends told me to), I began to feel peaceful with myself, and decided to just chill out and be nice to everyone, find new friends and a new job -- and 4 months later I met the guy that became my second husband (I'm way lot older than you).  No bullets for a lovely girl like you -- and you better believe that I am going to pray like mad for you - not only for you to find a peaceful way through life, but in that peace, someone special IS going to see you for the great person you are, and take notice.  You shout to me whenever you like -- tell me how you're going to change things around to make life better.
You are loved, by all of us, and by God Himself -- He created you with a plan that is only for you to do, and He has special people waiting to enter your life when you're ready.
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Well, dearest, as a fellow blurter of mine once asked...can it happen to me. It did happen! It can come out of the blue, you will know. You will start to feel very strongly for and about this other person. Maybe start forgetting things, because you are very focused on them and what you need to be for them. They will become your everything. You will want to be there for them all the time, and care if something happens to them. You will know...you start to feel lighter, happier, maybe even want to sing. Sounds silly, but falling can feel silly. It is a beautiful, wonderful, light as air, I don't have a care feeling ! ..
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I do not understand your attitude at all. I just reviewed your profile page and your photo's of yourself.
What I saw was a very beautiful young woman that looked like a supermodel. You must be pulling our leg about being ugly. If this is ugly, then the rest of us must be monsters. Girl, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and anyone can see this.
Life must have been hard for you up to now in your short life so far, for you to have this unreasonable attitude. Please do me a favor and try to meet more new people in your own age group. I believe that you will find many young guys that would love to date you, and who knows, Mr. Right will surely come into your life some day. In the meantime have fun in your life, don't sit around and mope, look in the mirror and realize that you ARE a Very PRETTY girl that any man would be lucky to have to hold and to cherish.
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Very kind, D.

I agree completely. And besides the shell that carries our spirits around this world, inner beauty is at a premium, including such kindness. :)
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Not meant as a kindness, only the truth, in my eyes. This girl is very attractive to behold.
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Are you referring to romantic love?  Some people fall in love when they are 12 years old.  He thinks of the girl everyday.  Would like to see her everyday.  Then, he becomes 13, he changes his feelings towards her.  Or their family moves away.  Or somebody else moves in and his attention becomes directed to someone else.  

What I am trying to say is this:  Love is exciting and makes people glow.  But when it ends, it can also be devastating.  

My Catholic religion tells us to ask and you shall receive.  I would suggest you pray to St. Therese and ask for a sign so you will know if THAT person is the one for you.  Ask for a rose.  Choose a color but do not tell others about it.  Pray for 9 days.  Before the 9 days is over, you will receive a rose.  You will be amazed when your prayer is answered.  Try it.  
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Hi there! Um...I really don't know what to say so I'm just going to wing it.(sorry if this makes no sense) That sucks when you feel alone in the world and sad all the time and that no one cares about you, trust me I've been there.  But if you have faith and patience with God and yourself then you will be happier! What I did to try to get my spirits up was listen to music that was happier than I really felt, and watched comedies. But don't worry, things will get better, especially since your in my prayers! Good luck and I'm here if you need anything!
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Hey, K214,
My name on here is japeace but my real name is Jane and the reason I'm telling you this is because I want to be truthful with you.You asked the question whats it like to feel loved.And I will tell you about someone very special that Loved you so much that he was willing to give His life for the whole world.John 3:16,God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoso ever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Without conditions attached he was willing to give his life for you and me and ever one else.Why because we all need a savior, a friend,someone that will love us and show his love.everyday that you awakes its him that wakes you.He created you your eye's ,face hair everything about you.Check out the birds listen to their song in the morning check out the beautiful flowers smelled them he put a special fragrance so that you can smelled it when the winds blow love is all around you and the person I am talking about is Jesus.He loves you and you are special to him and to us all we love you. You are a pretty girl from what I see in this pictured and knowing that Jesus loves you Read his word in John he has left his words so we can find encouragement at anytimeRead his love letter that he left for you its called the bible.
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When someone is very down and depressed they can become withdrawn from society and feel emotionally numb. This prevents them from forming attachments and relationships with others. Depression is a chemical problem sometimes and it can be treated. Feelings and emotions are chemically induced also. So one chemical problem can impact on another. So, see a doctor and tell him how you feel. He may even refer you to a psychiatrist. But meanwhile there are things you can do  to help yourself. Telling us in blurtit is one of them. Look around for a volountary organisation and help others. This will bring you into contact with more people and it will in turn help you.  I see you are a christian. So prayer is a useful tool. You are a young person, so please allow us oldies to pass on our life experiences in relationships. We have all had periods of heartbreak, and despair and lonliness in our lives. You can be surrounded by hundreds of people and still feel alone and unloved. But this is not because no one cares about you. This is because you are unable to feel it. But in time, you will learn to love and to be loved. Its written into our genes. We all need companionship and a level of bonding with another. So ,love can be different and mean different things to everybody. It can mean your pulse quickening and your blood pressure rising when he walks into the room. Or, it can mean a feeling of great comfort and satisfaction with your life.  Don't worry, when it comes to you ,you will recognize it.  I am 52 now. My idea of love has changed with age and in some ways its better. So don't despair or worry yourself about it. Its like a lot of things in life. You are more likely to find it when you stop looking for it.  :)
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I'm so sorry you don't feel loved. Pencil said it right, unless you've felt it how do you know if you don't want it. Sound like you childhood was like mine. It does get better. Please feel free to talk to me any time. I wish you Love and Peace, Peace
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There are many positive and negative songs, books and movies on the aspects of a happy love and a sad love. Love Stinks comes to mind as does Love is a many Splendid Thing. Not everyone has the same luck with Love unfortunately, me being more on the Love Stinks side of the issue. The thing about love is when you love you get hurt! Why I don't know, I do know what not being loved feels like and it is sad. This is why when Love feels good you need to cherish those moments as with life, there is a whole lot more bad than good, but the bad is what let's you know why you need to cherish the good when it comes to you!
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I used to feel like you do.I was always told I would never have anyone because I am too ugly and I was too stupid and for a long time I thought it was true I would let people use me just so I could be around someone but now I have met someone who really cares about me.Love is something you can not force or rush.Love will come when it is time.I hope this helps you.
Take care
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I used to confuse being loved as the same as being cared for. But now, I know that being loved is more than the concern that a person might show towards you. Being loved feels like:
being understood,
being listened to,
being valued - so your ideas are taken on board by the other person
being respected
being thought about fondly even when you are not present
being given constructive advice in a gentle and supportive manner

Oh the feeling is beautiful! Being loved is what could make you alive, making you glow even after a hard day's work.

Hope that helps you, since you ask what it 'feels' like to the person receiving it :-)

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I have fallen in love with the girl of my dreams and it's a magnificent feeling, ebullience is prevalent and almost all the time need I mention. Love is like a higher plane, cloud 9 it is. Love is true happiness and for the risk taken, it's worth every minute of it. She is the girl I want by my side for as long as air fills my lungs. She is all I want and need and she is my everything. Love is so amazing just as my Brandi. Never fear love, you may miss out on something life changing.
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Your answer made me cry...again. You're turning me into such a girl!
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That was really inspiring. Hopefully my boyfriend will get to that point of feeling that way about me around Christmas time! Haha
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Don't ever feel unhappy. Being in love is just one of the most special event in your life. And I mean being in real love, not just a desire to have someone =) whenever you see your crush passing by, the excitement you have is just incredible. Muahxxx and when you get shy when someone's teasing you about him, the feeling is lovely =PP Love is a mixture of many many felings =D sometimes happy =), sometimes sad =(

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If your talking about romantic love then I don't know, but if your talking about love from your family and friends then I just don't know how to explain it. It's one of those things you have to experience to understand.
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You are loved.  Everyone here at blurtit cares deeply for you and wants you to know that.  Some times life gets really rough.  I know trust me, and all of us here at blurtit.  I found blurtit a few months ago.  Back in March or April or so of this year.  I just came and asked a question.  I didnt know how addicting it was when I came here.  I was pregnant and lonely at the time.  I have 4 kids and was pregnant with my 5th child that was born last month.  My hubby works 7 days a week so I don't see him much.  I don't get to go hang out with friends because our money is tight and gas and everything costs money we don't have.  So when I found blurtit I was so happy.  I love to still come here every night.  Everyone of my friends here and yours is so caring.  They look out for one another.  There are groups you can join you can even start your own.  Then you can answer questions and give advice and earn points and shout its great here.  Its pretty safe too.  Nothing like yahoo answers and myspace.  People here are very caring.  Give us a shout we would love to all shout with you.  We all love you here and always will.  We are a big happy family here pretty much.
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Well, just from viewing your profile, you sure sound just like my 14yr. Old daughter. I don't understand my self why you or my daughter feel this way. She has everything, a best (girl) friend she's had forever and I even delt with the first boyfriend over the past year and guess what, they broke up and she felt like her world ended. I told them both that they will have many come and go but down that long road, you never know, you may get back together if it was meant to be but just remain friends so far they are just friends. Before all this I too found cut marks on her arms and being very concerned we went to the Dr. So I had her talk to her privately and to advise me on what to do. Counselors are great, even at your school talk to him/her about any troubles you may have even God himself and know you're not alone in this world. I guess at a certain age our mind and bodies change. My daughter has a myspace and many friends on there I try to monitor but it helps her chat things off her mind and she even smiles and invites me in and I always tell her I LOVE YOU just because, even from a parent that LOVE is a wonderful feeling and when you go through life you will find that LOVE and know in your HEART that it is LOVE. Don't give up! You have to LOVE yourself first and know GOD knew you first and will always LOVE you. Smile and take a deep breath and ask GOD in your heart and for help, you will find it and it is out there. Maybe I can introduce you to my daughter and you both can chat your hearts out. Love you Dear, shout out anytime. You'll be in my prayers. May God Bless You In All You Do And Become. Michelle.
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Being loved is a very satisfying feeling.
Are you talking about being loved by a boyfriend?
Do you have Parents?
If Yes, Please see that they brought you up, they did too much for you. And that is there sign of Love for you. It all depends on how you feel it.
Being loved by looks or Having a great physical relationship is not Love but Kind of Obsession.
Feel the love that you received from your Parents, Your bros and Sis. Love is somewhere around, All you need to do is to go for more broader definition.
To begin with:
Life is giving you a Life styled HUG-Just close your eyes slowly, open your arms widely and take a deep breath slowly to feel life's hug right near your heart.

Felt something? Find ways to Enjoy Life! Be on blurtit with all of us. By the way, I swear, I found your Pics very very beautiful-A bit obsessed of course(oh no, no flirting-All truth)!
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It took me a long time to figure that one out. Sometimes I still think I don't quite know what it is. My personal theory on it is that a person can never really know what love is till they learn to love themselves. At times it's a struggle deciding whether or not I love myself or other love me back. After all these years of struggle I'm finally seeking help. Better late than never, right? ;) you'll eventually find love. If I can do it anyone can ;)

there's a few different types of love and each has their own feelings and emotions. The love between friends, between lovers, between family members, the love of things, the love of knowledge/learning, et cetera.

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It is a wonderful feeling, and don't worry sweetie, you will have it, as all people are loved. Especially by God.
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To be felt loved is like having your own inner soul surrounded by happiness, love makes us young and life becomes beautiful. The feeling of being loved is so immense that the reality what is around us makes us feel divine
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It is nice! But I do know what you mean sometimes I don't feel loved and it gets so bad sometimes that I think I'm ADOPTED but I look into my mum's , dad's, rother's or sisters eyes iand I can see actual LOVE there and I just know that they love me!!!!
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As others said, Love is life. Its that moment which can't be described. Its a shyness of a Girl, Beauty of nature, shining of Stars, and ... As I told you it can't easily be described.
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Love is nothing to be sad about. I use to think the same why you do, that I was incapable of both being loved and loving but I am. Its a truly amazing feeling. I've recently fallen in love with the guy of my dreams and every moment with him is fantastic. He makes me happier than I've ever been and he melts all negative feelings away. Its like this warmth in your belly and tingles all over your body and you can't help but smile because even if something bad is happening he makes is better effortlessly. Just hearing chris's voice warms me. Love isn't anything to fear and I know that now and you will too. Its so worth it. Feeling this good is worth the valurabillity and is worth the jump because he will always be there to catch you. Its really an amazing feeling that can't really be put into words. You just know when you feel it. I knew chris loved me before he said it, I could feel it just as he could feel it before I said it. Its better than you can imagine. Everything just kind of melts away until its just the two of you and nothing else matters. I've spent all day talking to him until I fall asleep on the phone or computer and it is still not nearly enough. Its without a doubt the best feeling in the world and it only gets better. Every day it grows and gets stronger. It'll come whether you're ready for it or not so just take the leap at the next opportunity that feels right. Trust me its worth the fear.
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Well worded baby. What we have is true love and shouldn't be feared by any means whatsoever. Such a great thing has a sacrifice and it's vulnerability and placing your heart is someone elses hands but if you have located the right person for you, that just dissipates and is rendered impotent. I love you so much and your answer is so amazing but pails in comparison to you of course. Your my girl and the only girl in this world that is capable of doing what you have done for me. I require no one else but you. You're my everything and I will never stop loving you. (Brandi + Chris 4 ever)
Lena JH
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! It's too much, too much! I'm happy for you both!
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You are wrong-by what you say in your question and explanation you have been loved since before your parents even knew they wanted to have a child by your Heavenly Father and don't let anyone in this world tell you different...love is not based on having a boyfriend or husband. That is just someone to share your life with and live through things happening in your life...(I know what others have told you) but sooner or later they will disappoint or leave you either by choice or by life because they are human beings and are not perfect...this is not to say you will not find your soul mate but first you have to love your-self and to do that you need to know who you are to your Heavenly Father/God once you understand that you will find the one person that will want to share your life with you and not just trying to find someone to fill the space in your life that no other on earth can fill...I hope you can watch video so you can see what I am sending you....this is worth more than all the words I can ever say to you...please watch...www.youtube.com....it is called the fathers love letter or if you want to read the verses mentioned in the video it is called the bible
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The fathers love letter written by barry adams if you wan to look up where the video came from...www.FathersLoveLetter.com
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It feels great but if thinking about it makes you sad, I think you need to spend some time alone.
Go to a park and sit and watch the birds . . .
If the feeling of sadness comes when you think about love, you're not ready.
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Why don't you want to be loved. That is so sad Hun, I was raised in an Orphanage and was desperate to be loved, took me a very very long time, but my Husband loves me unconditionally and it's the most wonderful feeling, honest,being loved, makes you feel wanted and warm inside. I bet your family love you, no-one should EVER be unloved.
Mind you I was told recently that you have to love yourself before anyone else can.
Take Care and be good

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Its like having everything you ever wished for in your life,especially when with the right person. It feels great and I bet you , you wouldn't wish for anything else in your life. Be patient  for love is not finding the perfect person but rather finding the imperfect and making him or her perfect.
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When you find true love you will know how it feels. You wake up every morning feeling like you are the luckiest person in the world. You have these butterfly flickers in your stomach that makes you feel so wonderful and happy. It creates a smile on your face that does not go away.
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Being in love is not special, but feeling loved or loved by someone is something special. It is a feeling which is unexplainable. Just like when I see my friends (here in blurtit) show so much love to me so that, I have no words to explain.
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You must of been broken from a boy or someone, buts its a feeling like you could die for or with them that you want to be with them the rest of your life and crap.
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Love makes you happy and everyone will be loved and love someone hope it helps you and you will find someone I'm sure
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You are loved (everyone is, but someone, but they don't always know). It feels like exactly the opposite to the sadness that you feel, simply because you don't know the person that loves you.
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Good to know you feel sadness.  Because of that we have no worries with you, it means you can feel - love will get you sometime.  Life in Ireland - my blog on living life - live it and everything else will be good.
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I wouldn't say it "feels like having butterflies in [ones] stomach because one can be loved by ones parents--and the `butterfly' feeling doesn't occur.  No--to feel loved is to feel that one is of absolute value and worth to another person--a person that you hold similar feelings for.
To be loved without having the same feeling in return is, indeed, pretty sad. But to feel loved when that feeling is welcomed is a glorious feeling of everything being right with the world.  The feeling of being loved absolutely requires the ability to trust and that (in itself), even before one is loved for their own self is a feeling of peace and joy.
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That's a very good and honest question. What it's like to feel loved is amazing. Being loved is having butterflies in your tummy because they're all you can ever think about. You shouldn't be sad about thinking about love, it should make you happy because it's a great feeling. Just to know that there is someone out there that loves you for you and not for someone they want you to be. Don't fall for someone too fast though, because they just might break your heart.Trust me, I'd know.
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One of the Nigeria singer(tosin martin) explain a little what love is,and pray about it.When ever I feel lonely I love playing the song.when you are in love seems you are out of the world ,it drive you cray,when you remember he/she you like be with/or see the person telling you I love you.you always imagine about the fellow and you will be absence minded in what you are doing,always thinking about the fellow.Everything you are doing you will want the person to notice you.it seems is joke or dream.
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You feel totally complete, like you have all you've ever needed. Its just awesome. Every moment means a lot even a huge fight wont break it up.... Its just simple wonderful.
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I used to know it feel feels crap when you have been cheated and your partner has not the guts to tell you y
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It feels all bubbly inside and butterfly's fly and you see no one else, and you get a knot in your stomach and can't think of being with any body else in the world.
I know it sound like that is a book, but its true!!
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Feels very very nice. I mean its overwhelming at times but in a good way. Its so nice to know that he loves you. Lots of times I just sit with him and he holds me in his arms all day. Its very very ummm whats the word dreamy.
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Unbearable overwhelming and depending on your physic it'sd the most wonderful feeling in the world if not stable it can be very over whelming and scary
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To be in love is like one to put trust,care,cherise one in every aspect of life.In the scripture it says love is not jealous,is truthful,feel for each other,love mourn for each other.my friend God's time is the best.
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This is happy journey of everyone.still now I am not sink,if may be loved anyone we can't come back
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Iwoud like   to say it in simple terms that love sucks coz it gives only pain ,tears,n trouble
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I don't know yet becoz I never been in love before but I think everyone should fall in love.(at least one time to know how it is felt to fall in love)
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Well this make make you feel sadder but being in love is the best feeling in the world.  it makes the world go round. And I'm srry your not loved but love is our weapon against hate
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I love when he hugs me, feel so loved and safe in his arms.. Feeling of security. You feel safe & secured everytime you are with your loved one and enjoying a cup of coffee
late night with him
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Feeling loved is such a great feeling.  Some people are loved by friends, some are loved by boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wifes, but of the most part, your friends.  It's really not easy to discribe the feeling because theres so many terms you could use.  When you feel loved you feel mostly comfortable, and happy.  You feel like you and the person with you are the only 2 people on earth and that nothing can break you apart.  The person makes your hopes and dreams come true, wether in a smaller form or the real thing. And you do the same for them.  You feel like you could stay with that person forever and never get tired of seeing their face.  Most of the time you like to be loved. Sometimes its just not the answer to other things your feeling inside.  Thats pretty much it for love. A pretty great thing, I think.
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To me feeling loved means butterflies in the pit of your stomach, wanting to be with that person all the time and when you see them it's hard to breathe. It's like nothing in the world matters no matter how bad things get knowing someone loves you makes it a lot easier to deal with. Everyone needs love from someone it may be love of a spouse, a sibling, a parent or a friend of course being loved by different people has a different feeling.
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I have never been in love, but people say it is like your flouting on a cloud that will never let you fall no matter what
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You have to be in love to feel it...basically love is unconditional..so things changes..your perspective about different things changes..you start caring for yourself more and start viewing the world in a muchmore optimistic manner......
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people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
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Hey don b so sad abt it if you feel so lonely so NOT LOVED you shud make urself worthful enofand still none loves you then god has sometin spcl 4 you either chnge or wait but my suggestion is tht you chnge because aleas you ll b satisfied tat you tried n ucn wait 4 tat result

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