Is Love Good Or Bad?


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Is love good or bad?

People who are in love and are loved back will probably tell you that Love is Best thing in this world! They feel elated, like they can defy gravity and like they can take on the world.

People who are in love tend to feel healthier and have more energy, so most of these people would say that Love Is GOOD.

You should take care not to confuse Love with Obsession, although the two can feel very similar, it is often when these two are confused that Love is BAD

If you love someone you should accept the whole of them and not expect them to change too much. Often, people fall in love with a person, but don't like certain elements of them, either their habits or their family, and try to get them to change. To begin with what might seem like mild jealousy, can escalate and in some extreme cases this can become severe bullying or abuse. In these instances, people would definitely describe love as being bad, although one could argue that this is not the definition real love. If we take that to be the case, then true, real, all accepting love must be good :)
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Love is Best thing in this world in two cases:
1. If it is unconditional.
2. Or if you are in love of yourself.

Note:Love must not be confused with Obsession.

If you love someone you can't claim anything whatsoever from him or her.It is choice of that person which in turn depends on your kind of love.

So its like a labyrinth which have many openings and it depends on your luck and situation which side you end up  getting out.
Its a feeling which has unfathomable depth you can keep getting deeper into it and if it gives you positive outcome then get deeper or if it makes your life miserable then buddy get out of it lest you loose your breath and drown.

In the end I must say one must experience this feeling. :-)

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Love and hate can destroy you in a blink. I will say both are bad human sensations triggered by chemical reactions in our brain. When you get too much of either  one, it will hurt you, moderation is the key.  My question; is there any other state of mind beyond love and hate? Maybe but not in this world.
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Love is complicated it can be good or bad but it all depends on where you want that love to go so its debaitable
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Love is a many splendid thing.  When you fall in love, it is wonderful but you are opening a whole new world leaving yourself open to heartache as well. You learn to take the good with the bad. And sometimes, love can be the most wonderful thing in the world despite some drawbacks
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Love is good, what do you think if the world didn't know of love?Everyone would kill each other!!!
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Love is very good if you love you will see it as soon  as possible I wish everybody things that way
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The best thing ever if  both of them love each other, the worst thing ever if someone dosnt care about the other or worse; if one of them is unable or afraid to tell the other about his/her feelings, in this case its really really bad
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Love is pure rubbish, it is merely a way to make people feel good and avoid the trouble in the world. It is not real.. The sooner people realise this the better

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Love is blind its not good thing it destroys our studies  and etc... And not good too bad...and destroys all things and it makes that he and she alone in this world is no t nice and all knowlege of ours will go off ...

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