Why Does Love Hurt So Bad It Makes You Cry For The One You Love? Can Anyone Explain?


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Why does love hurt so much?

If love is unrequited you could find that the overwhelming feeling of being in love and not having that love returned is virtually unbearable. Many people have found themselves in this situation at some point in there lives. However, this makes finding someone who feels the same way back especially magical.

Does love make you cry?
This is a difficult emotion to understand sometimes. It could just be that you feel so strongly for someone, although normally this should make you feel amazing, like you want to shout it from rooftops, not that you want to cry. For one thing, love should never equal pain! If you're in constant pain about your love of another person, something is wrong.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself: Exactly what about the person you love, or the way your relationship is going, makes you cry? Does the person you love, love you as well? Do you love someone who does not love you in return? Are you afraid that you might lose the person you love? Why are you afraid?

You see, love is a very deeply felt emotion; we feel it into our very spirit. So intense are these feelings, that sometimes we find ourselves crying for really no reason - we're just overwhelmed by our feelings. Maybe you have loved someone before and were hurt and are worried of the same thing happening again?

Love isn't supposed to hurt; it's supposed to feel wonderful! If you're crying for the one you love, you must have a long, HONEST conversation with yourself about why you're crying. Why are you hurting because you love someone? Listen to yourself, and you will find the answers to these questions
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Pain and suffering is inevitable and a part of life, but misery is an option. If being with this person is hurting you beyond what you want to endure, change it. Either confront the love interest about the pain he is causing you or end the relationship. These other answers are right on target...love is not supposed to hurt. If it is a constant pain to you, then something is wrong somewhere in the relationship. You need to determine what the problem is and deal with it or end it. Are you absolutely sure the problem is your loved one or could you be so fearful of losing him that you are causing your own pain? Only you can answer that question. Love is supposed to be a happy, mellow, secure, joyful experience...pain should not enter the picture. I hope you find a way to end this bad experience you are having and are able to move from the shadows of despair to the sunshine of a bright happy life.
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You open up so much of yourself and you let that someone take your heart but they tend to just drop it and that hurts more than anything. You can't give up tho you have to no that there is someone out there that will take it and be the best man you ever had. He is out there. So don't give up. Have faith!
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Because you're human, that's the #1 factor you must analyze. Being humans, we all have emotions and yes, sometimes emotions can get the best of a person...Love hurts because of how much we may love a person meaning...You may love someone with your all and something may goes wrong whether it be an argument or a conflict or whatever. Being in love, you just want everything to go perfect and it's not! We're humans and we all make mistakes and it's not going to go lovey dovey all the time. But love mostly hurts when you're young and you're starting to first experience being in love. But as you get older and you finally meet Mr. Right, you will notice a tremendous change. Love isn't supposed to hurt, especially with your soul mate...Maybe that's the key right there. You haven't found your soul mate yet, but eventually you will and you will see exactly what I mean.
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When  you  love  someone , you want  be with that person ,If  you can't  it  makes you feel  physical  and  emotional  sick  , Your  best to move on  if the relationship is  not  going anywhere
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I think because there is no "one". There are so many people in the world and we just get so caught up all the time in creating this "perfect" relationship and we try so hard to make it work out. The problem is try and work it out in a way that society tells us is the right way. Being in relationship can be easy and it can look many ways. We get caught up in "making a life" together and moving in and wondering all the time if you're going to get married and whether they love someone else. With all this energy we waste on being jealous and codependent and obsessed with what our relationship WILL BE we forget to actually enjoy BEing with the person. When you lose yourself on expectation, it hurts. When you "fail" at this unrealistic expectation, it's like everything you've ever thought comes crumbling before your eyes. Then your eyes start crying for the love that was there, that could have been nurtured if we were being healthy people with no expectations. If we were enjoying our lives and each other, maybe we would know how not to cry.
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It's not love which hurts but stopping love is hurts especilly if you don`t know the reason well or your partner didn`t convince you about the reason...I know there was many good times in the past and you still missing your relationship but be strong and if you have any question to your xlove...be brave and ask him why ...not to come back to each other ..but as a  first step to feel ok and you have your self confidenc again ...and don`t rush into that.  Be so calm that will help you.
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Love hurts because we deeply connect our sense of self to the relationships we have with other people. When we are rejected in a relationship we have deeply connected a rejection of ourself instead of understanding that the other persons feelings have simply changed. Relationships are as much about us as they are about the other person. When we say we love someone, it is often truer to say that we love the way they make us feel about ourselves and about ourselves with them. A rejection of this, is devastatingly painful.

If you have spent a great deal of time with the person, there is also the feeling of mourning because in many ways, that person has now been removed from your life in a way that someone who had passed away has also gone.

C.S Lewis asked the question. 'Why love when losing hurts so much'. W.H Auden might be our fitting reply. 'We must love each other, or die'.
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People usually get it confused. It's not love that hurts, its disappointment and the arguments etc.  Love is a huge risk, when you fall in love you automatically sign a contract of putting yourself at risk of getting hurt.  Love is a learning process, a roller coaster ride-takes you up and down. There will be times when you will cry for whatever reason because of how deeply you care for someone.  But at the end of the day, its love that will make things all better.  It's a thin line between poison and cure

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As I write this I'm crying so much. Ended up in hospital last night from an overdose because I can't bear the pain anymore. I was seeing a Jamaican man, 23 years older than me, just for sex. But I happened to fall in love. Because I started to get too attached to him last night he said he can't see me anymore and that he is going back to one of his other women. It's killing me and I don't want to live anymore. But I'm so scared of the pain of dying. I know I need help badly. I'm so scared!

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