How Do I Get A Guy That I Want So Bad To Want Me Too?


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First of all in my opinion, I hope you didn't have sex just to make him notice you. Their are more to meeting and letting a guy know you other than sex, I wouldn't call him first of all, then you you say unless you have had a couple of beers. Just be You. ! You don't want to be know for sex. Like a friend with benifts. Let it go for a bit then go up to
him and make causal conversation. :)
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linda green answered
You should go and talk to him it worked for me! If you're sure about how you feel don't waste your time, the worst thing is that he will tell you that he does not feel the same way, you have to take that risk either I can tell you it makes you a different person.
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Personally I feel you should move on. A relationship has to be two sided and it sounds as though maybe he does not feel the same way you do. Be who you are and don't change yourself for ANYONE!

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