How do I get over a guy quicker? My head says he's bad news, but my heart really wanted it to work out.


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By living for yourself. More education, more physical fitness, more mental fitness, more hobbies, more skills, and MO MONIES. By the end of it you won't have the time for anything else. When you take care of yourself, love just starts coming in all directions.

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It might sound weird, but have you considered working out or hitting the gym more? The exercise will release endorphins which will naturally make you feel better.

You'll also be getting in shape, which helps when trying to attract interest from the opposite sex.

Also, I hear gyms are the new nightclubs in terms of meeting potential partners these days!

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Chocolatey  Goodness
Haha, that's awesome. I can't bring myself to join a gym for many reasons, but I will definitely try and workout more than the 3 times a week I already do...dancing alone to loud music sounds good to me. :) Nice answer.

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