I'm a straight girl and in love with my gay best friend. He asked me out before he came out. I'm in love but I wanted to wait. I'm still in love, but pretending otherwise. I can't get over him and don't want to say anything. What should I do?


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Lia Tan answered

Just like getting over any kind of love, it will take time and some distance. In this type of situation, the sexual orientation of the other person doesn't really matter to what you're going through (when I say this, I mean that this type of thing could also happen with a straight guy too, not just gay guys). The main thing is that "you and him" is not going to work out and you have to try to move on. Honestly, the best way is just to give yourself some space from him. It's not like you're shunning him or running away from him. You're simply just trying to get things together again and having some time apart is good for that. Also, it doesn't hurt to try to meet some new people to like.

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He may have been confused when he asked you, I know I'm confused myself... Like, I thought I was gay, really, but I may just be bi because I found myself falling for a friend of mine that's a girl.... Anyhoo... If he's gay, he obviously wont be interested... I know that doesn't change anything, you still love him. Don't do anything that'll hurt him, meet some new people! Don't lose your best friend by making the wrong choice :/

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You can get over him and you will. If you want to tell him do so, but if he is attracted to men it won't change things. Start hanging out with other friends, get some distance give yourself a week, then another and mix with others. Then see how you feel.

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