How do I tell my dad that I love a guy but I don't Want him to be in trouble cause with did sex? And I'm 15 and his 20 and he still next to me.


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Understandable here but once dad knows this guy is headed either for a shotgun wedding , if they still have those, or jail for statutory rape or sexual assault on a minor and other charges and this guy should have known better so expect dad to go ballistic here once he finds out and he will one way or another as all parents find out so be prepared
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Do you understand that this 20 year old guy can go to jail for having sex w/you, a 15 year old???  You need to face the music so to speak and be honest w/you dad...your parents.  You may want to make sure this guy did not pass any diseases to you.
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The feeling is NOT mutual. You may be ready, but he is using you. Also, the age of consent is 16, so you are too young. And he is over 18, so he should be in prison for that. Leave him. Get as far away from him as you can and don't look back.

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You decide to tell when you are ready to risk the 20 year old being charged with the statutory rape of a minor. Other than that you stop having sex NOW with an adult who should know he is committing a crime.

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If you tell your dad, he WILL go to prison. He is a 20 year old ADULT and you are a 15 year old CHILD. God I hope you aren't pregnant and he didn't give you some nasty disease.

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