Is a 15 Year Old Girl Dating A 18 Year Old Guy OK?


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It all depends. Just because he is eighteen does not mean you also have to act eighteen. Having an older boyfriend does put some pressure in some situations. If he is able to understand and support you, there is no reason why you should not continue seeing him. However, if he does not do that, then you are better off without him.
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Dont date an older guy. If a guy wants to be with you just tell them i have to focus on school and not guys. Im to busy for you. Ill call you when im 18!!!
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Um excuse me  - on top I believe she can date him if she wants.  So you can have a age gap,  but age is just a numbr
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This isn't wrong at all. As long as your parents are just fine with it and you know what you are doing then I would see no problem at all. I mean really some people might have a big problem with it. But who cares! Don't listen to them at all!! They don't know what they are talking about! It is only a three years difference...15...18, 16....19, 17....20, 18....21, 19.....22 and get the point! Not that bad!
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Do you guys love each other? It should be okay to be dating him, I don't think it's illegal. But if his mom doesn't want you guys dating, don't. It's not a good idea to disobey your parents. There will be consequences.   Good luck! <3
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Honestly, yes! When I was 14 I was dating a 19 year old. Well, of course he was my first. Well he was a 19 year old guy, who just wanted some a s s. When I was 14 it broke my heart, I thought we were in love because thats what he made me think. What I'm trying to say is, guys your age vs. Guys 17-18 and up are thinking about one thing. There are millions of pretty girls their age. I wish someone told me that when I was 14, now that I'm 18 I only date older guys because thats what I'm use to. Ever since I was 14, I was always like that. Plus, a 15 year girl is too needy for a 18 year old, yalls mind are way different and age does matter.  Just be careful with your emotions with an older guy, they know things you havent experienced yet.
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Not really you guys are only three years apart, you have to be four years apart before it is illegal. If you two are happy together then I recommend that you stay together, it shouldnt matter what other people think.
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No it's not wrong. Girls usually mature earlier than boys. 3 years is not a big age gap. Anyway age is only a number. Enjoy your relationship with your young man.   ^_^ .
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Well.. Its illegal if you guys have sex so it might be wrong in some ppls eyes..  The older you get the less age matters..  It only feels like a big deal now cause your young...  My girlfriend is 23 and I'm 30 so go figure.  Besides..  I'm sure youll go through more relationships before you settle down...  You better anyway!
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In the eyes of Society, yes. However, I dated an 18 year old when I was 15 so I personally do not think it's wrong.. I just think you should be careful...
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Of course its not! If he really loves you and you really love him noone should keep you apart. Be together. You can't control love.

When I was 15 I got together with my boyfriend when he was 18 and hey! Two years later, and we're still together!

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Well, no. Technically there is nothing wrong with that.

But legally there is.

Depending on the laws in your state, the legal age of consent may either be 16 or 18. So if you two decide to have sex, and let's say your parents find out somehow, the older boy could be put in jail for statutory rape (rape of a minor) and become a registered sex offender.

That being said, if that DID happen, you would probably not be his favorite person seeing as you pretty much ruined his life by suggesting that he put his "disco-stick" in your "fun-cave".

But as long as you aren't caught having sex, or doing anything that may be considered "sexual", then it's perfectly fine to date him. 

Much love and best wishes to you both.

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I am 15 I'm dating a 18 in 2 weeks and he is 2years and 10months older than me. My family think it's wrong but I don't, its love and that should be what matters. Its not wrong if you love him, don't let him take advantage of you
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Legal age for sex is 16, I personnally think each person matures at a different time and 15 wouldn't really be bad as long as your not pressured.   I think once your like 14 you can date about 3 years each way without trouble.
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NO definately not. When I was 13 I loved my best friend's cousin he was 16 I loved him more than anything in the world. He didn't feel the same,he said I was to young. If you love each other then that is NOT wrong. Don't let him go. Good luck.

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I think this is fine, I'm fourteen and I like this guy thats just turned eighteen but I'm not sure if my mum would be pleased because she wasnt that happy about be going out with a 17 year old.I personally think that guys are age are worse and want more things  rather than an older guy because they understand that you are younger and they respect you for that, so just go for it, and just see what happens , don't be pressured in to doing something you don't want to. X
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I can understand how you girls feel...been there, done that, BUT, he is breaking the law. A nephew of mine was labeled a child molester because he was 18 and the girl was 15 and the parent's called the authorities on him. So, do you really want to put him through that, because that label will follow him the rest of his life. I know it sucks, but please...either date boys your own age, or wait until you're 18.
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I am a 17 year old boy I was dating a 15 year old witch turns 16 about a week before I turn 18. We said I love you and all that and what I didn't knw before we had sex is that even if you both are minors by law in ohio you cannot have sex until 16 this kind of stuff can get you in trouble it honestly can. Whatever you do be careful!!
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Yes. He is an adult. You are a child. This is definately wrong. You should tell your parents as soon as possible before you get hurt emotionally or physically. You should end this "dating" and date someone your own age and vice versa for him.

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