Is It Okay For An 18 Year Old Guy To Date A 16 Year Old Girl?


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No, it is not ok, an 18 year old guy is an adult, a 16 year old girl is a child, I can't believe so many people are saying that this is ok.....a sixteen year old girl would be better equiped to handle her self around a boy of her own age, older men such as an 18 year old are better at manipulating a situation in there favor, one has to question why a 18 year old guy would want anything to do with a 16 year old girl when there 18,19, and 20 year olds that would better suit him...
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lexie doucette
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Actually no. If the girl cant handle herself with adult men now, then how will she later in life? This is a great learning expirience. My first love was 17 adn i was 15 then 16 and 18. He as i said was my first love. I learned alot out of that reltionship. And honestly, he loved me mre becuase I said no i dont want to have sex with you until there is a ring on my finger an di have found myself. And trust me any 16 year old girl with an IQ larger than 4, can manipulte the situation to her favor 2
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I agree with Apewill its not ok im 19 but i go out with someone my age because if your parents dont like him they could call the cops and tell them ur only 16 and his 18 and thats child molesting
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I guess you're all from the US? Cause im from the UK and here it isn't against the law. Once a girl is sixteen then she isn't a child anymore. But anyway why is it a problem? If you like each other, what's two years? I know happily married couples with 10 years difference? Age doesn't matter as long as both are mature and respect each other and each other's decisions.
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I think its ok but the guy should wait!!!
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Sure as long as he isn't just after that one thing most teenage boys are looking for.
Two years difference really is not that far apart.
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It depends. Im 16 and im a junior in highschool. Most of the seniors at my school are 18. Whats to say i cant date a senior. But i am not interested in any im just stating a fact
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He said "Date"... Not have sex with.  Can't two people go out together, have fun, enjoy each others company without jumping into bed the first night?  2 years is not a big age difference for them.

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