Is Jealousy A Proof Of Love?


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Yes and no,it depends on the person and situation.some people are just naturally jealous and insecure.
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No. Psychologically? Jealousy shows possession. It means that the person thinks that they should be your personal property.
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I would say that it can be proof of love!  I mean you care so much about them that you want to make sure that nothing comes between you, another sleez bag or boy! But handle your jealousy the right way. When you feel threatened let your significant other know how you feel and just what needs to happen i guess. Just be open and honest!!! Jealousy is impossible to not feel when you really love someone, you want to keep them and so when you see a threat your not gonna sit back and watch your gonna do something!!!
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I must totally disagree with your take on how it impossible to not be jealous when in love .. In my opinion ., you couldn't be more wrong
Bikergirl Anonymous
A loving relationship has no room for such an evil emotion
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NO!!!! Jealousy is a SIGN OF INSECURITY AND LACK OF SELF ESTEEM! If you truely love somebody, you wouldnt put them through any childish jealous game playing that always results in negativity! It's a sign of possession,lack of self confidence and 100percent weakness! Next time you feel jealous, put your head up and say..."whatever" , and walk away! Believe me..., that will spark your companion as a sign of something thats such a turn on!!! It shows strength and confidence in yourself. That is SEXY!!!!!
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Yes when you are jealous it means you are in love well noit in all situations if somebody got a cute pair of earings and you want them sometimes you get jealous because yiou say it's not fair that she has it and i dont that could be another way of jealousy but jealousy doesnt aleways mean you are in love.
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Not in all cases. It is also a sign of lust and admiration. 
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No, "Jealousy" is proof of "Trust Issues".

Whether they are the result of personal anxieties or the result of past infidelity by the one you love, it has to do with trust.

Remember, that any new relationship, is building upon a general concept of "Trust". Once you really know the person, a certain expectation of Trust is built as a firm or shaky foundation, and this determines whether jealousy will be an issue.

Any kind of this type of stress contributes to shortening your life while making it unpleasant . . . True Love, shouldn't have Trust issues.

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Since ur question is quite generic, there is not yes or no answers to ur question.
U hv bad and good jealousy, a little is ok(then again that depends on wat it is actually) i think.
If it is otherwise or bad extreme jealousy, it is not a proof of love, at all.
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And another "oldie but goodie."

Not sure I would categorize it as "proof" of love---

Jealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses many different kinds of feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation. Jealousy can strike both men and women when a third-party threat to a valued relationship is perceived, it can be a problem among siblings competing for parental attention, or envy after a more successful friend. Conventional wisdom holds that jealousy is a necessary emotion because it preserves social bonds, but jealously usually does more harm than good, creating relationship conflict and strife.

And: Jealousy is an emotion, and the word typically refers to the thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, concern, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of status or something of great personal value, particularly in reference to a human connection.

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No, a person can definitely be jealous without loving .... It can just be shallow competition and pride.  If someone loves me, I would rather have their trust and respect than their jealousy.

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To me yes it is because if you ain't jealous then its like you dont care what your dude do i love a jealous dude lol
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Well, thats not always true because they person can really care for you but trust you enough so they dnt have tew get jealous .
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Yes most of the time but normally it only means you have a crush not that your in love!!!
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Well it depends of what your jealous of over a person that you like thene yes if its for a toy then no^_^

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