What’s the best proof of love?


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To me, it's eye contact ! Once you fall into their eyes, it's love. You'll see it in the eyes. Yours and theirs !

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Their behavior towards the one person that they like.

1. You’re comfortable with each other, no matter what others say or do.

2. Plans are made and kept, or the excuse is true.

3. Time is always planned and reserved just for you.

4. Your needs are a top priority over most people and things.

5. Begging or pleading is not required for affection.

6. Family, friends and work don’t compare to you.

7. Love stands up for you any time there is trouble.

8. Attention and awareness is freely given, and faults are ignored or quickly forgiven.

9. There are no secrets regarding your relationship and it’s good companionship.

10. You’re not left lonely or alone.

11. Good surprises, gifts of laughter and togetherness often arise.

12. You will always be welcomed in your lover’s company.

13. No other lover exists in the mind of your partner. There is no competition.

14. There is constant and consistent contact.

15. Love is not one-sided. If it is, or feels that way, then it’s likely unrequited.

16. Sharing is open, honest and without hesitation.

17. Your lover seeks to understand your problems and frustrations.

18. You are worth more than the cost of anything they could buy.

19. There are answers to your questions of where, when, how, or why.

20. No one walks away without a plan to return.

21. What your family and friends think does not impact your relationship.

22. You find comfort and clarity in your respective roles, and they make you feel whole.

23. Love doesn’t need to be chased, as it is easily found.

24. Your lifestyle doesn’t get in the way of a love which has no bounds.

25. It’s easy to forgive, forget and move on when something goes wrong.

26. You don’t have to buy anything to make someone happy or feel strong.

27. Mind, body and soul are appreciated and respected.

28. The relationship is worthy of safety and protection.

29. There is a deep and profound connection.

30. “I Love You” is easy to say when other words fail or get in the way.

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