Why do all my boyfriends cheat on me and/or leave me for someone else?


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Viki you are not ugly, and do you think that maybe this distance you put between yourself and them might be the problem, maybe it's time to take another tact.
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Viki Cashmore
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Tried I get on their nerves if I don't distance myself and when I say distance, I mean not seeing each other everyday, I don't mean months apart :)
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Cause  your  too sweet of  a girl  and its not you  trust me its  them or  maybe  you haven't met the  right man  yet
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Dont worry, its not ur fault, ur beautiful, ok? Guys who cheat/leave girls who r nice and smart and... Well u get where im goin... Anyway they're just idiots! If sum1 cheats it shows that they dnt care bout eithr girl/guy. If they leave u then they dnt feel a connection (or theyre just plain idiots who jump from girl/guy 2 girl/guy) so, dnt worry it just means u havent found ur rite match yet.
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Poor girl. This happens to me, too.

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You probably have very low self-esteem and are choosing to be with the wrong people for you .. For that reason.  If you have a higher opinion of yourself and what you deserve in life .. You'll find someone who respects you and is right for you.

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I can,t think it,s you dear. Boys at a certain age don,t know what they want and their hormones goes in all directions.
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I don't believe that monogamy is natural, and fighting that may be part of the problem. Instead of trying to give a finite amount of love to just one person, maybe you should consider polyamory. Cast your net wider and find several people to share your love with simultaneously.

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