Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?


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It kind of sounds like maybe he is somewhere else are it could be that he is going through something but for him not to come to his son's party something is wrong.. Maybe you should just ask him what is going on!!!
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I'm trying to continue this here: Anyway, He didn't even look at me the same you know with love sick eyes he just looked at me like a normal person would not like someone who loves you deeply. I went to the Fair Monday Night and I think maybe he is pissed that I went to the Fair well he went last night by himself (I guess) by himself. He wasn't even wearing the ring I got him and I felt like such an ass I was still wearing the ring he gave me so I took it off and threw it on the table. God what can I do? Help me. We haven't made love now for a week and 3 days and normally when we make love he comes around like 3 days after just to cuddle and love me the last time we made love was Sunday and it was a quickie he didn't even care about me and I said "You Owe me One" and he laughed and said "Yep" I don't know what's his problem but its driving me insane please answer this ASAP someone anyone.
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I see him at school but he acts like he doest want to hug me . It been 2 weeks since ive talked to him

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