My Boyfriend Never Has Any Money, Should I Keep Lending Him Money?


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No.  Especially if you keep lending him $$ and he never makes attempts to pay you back.  He knows you are weak in that area and will always give in.  He has a good thing going with you.  I am sorry to say that it may be the main reason he stays with you.

Unless someone lost a job you shouldn't be helping out all the time.  Take it from my experience.  I dated two men that wanted everything from me financially but would never consider helping me out.  I had to let the relationships go as I was tired of being used.

Set boundaries with him.  Refuse to give in all the time.  If he leaves, you know why.  There are better men out there.
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I had the biggest fool of all, but I was a fool for a little while. First met the idiot, six years ago when he worked at Walmart, which pays their employees every two weeks. The 2nd week when he didn't get paid, he would ask me for $20 because he ran out of gas money. I loan him the money once and he paid it back. I loaned him $20 again on a Monday and $20 again on a Wedneday and one night he called me and told me that he had a present for me and it was my $40. Fool, that is not a present, that is money that I loan you. Again, I gave him $20 and when he got paid that time, he told me that he thought that money was for him to get a haircut. Later, his car broke. He worried me to death about borrowing one of my vehicles. I got so sick of him that I gave him a car that I had parked in my back yard that I was not driving. DUMB MISTAKE. Why would I give a grown man a car. To this day, I regret myself for being so stupid. After the car incident, I refuse to give him anything or any money for the last five years. During that time, the relationship was sour and he ignores me and watches TV when I visit his house. I ended that stupid relationship and now I do not trust any single man because something is wrong with them.
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Never ever give a man money. I think it says a lot about his character if he willingly accepts money from you. Personally I would dump him. If you don't want to then sit down with him and arrange his finances for him. If he can't stick to it just think if this is the kind of man you want to spend your life with. You would always be in debt. I just wouldn't got here full stop.
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My advice to you is simple, the reason he has no money is that he spends it all. The only way to keep money is not to spend it. If you lend him money, he will never learn to save his money, in fact, he will just get an additional pay day every month.

Unless people learn basic financial management skills, it is likely that they will continue to manage their money poorly. No one teaches us, it's not our fault, but by adulthood, it is a skill that we should have, it is something that we should all learn in school, eventually, someone will think that through.

The GIANT of Self Help Anthony Robbins would say that Will Power is not enough, soon or later, our will power gives in (on most people), but the reason that some people spend is deeper than it seems.

Don't let him your money, you won't see it again, he has no money to repay you.
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Definitely not I know you feel used  in some sort o way just say no tell his broke ass  to find a job and stop depending on you. He thinks he has some type of control over you. Since your the bread maker in the relationship let him know your in charge.
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The absolutely best way to loose a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, is to give (I assume you mean loan) them money.  When money comes into the picture it is often a relationship end er. Since you are asking here, it would appear you have some doubts already.  My advice is - NO, only give him money if you can give it (or loan) it to him and have no need of getting it back.  If you are flush with cash and do not care if it is returned, then go ahead.  Give it to him and consider it a gift, if he pays you back great, if not, it is of no real concern.  If this is money that you have earmarked for another purpose, do not do it.
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I like a guy who is younger than me. I went away, I offer to bring something. He call me and ask for a pair of shoes that costs $140.00, he say will pay back. I did not purchase the shoes. We went out for about 3 weeks, he is a hard working person with 2 jobs, but always helping his ex, since they have a child. We broke up for about 2 1/2 months. But before we broke up I lend him $20.00 he never pay me back. Due to the fact I am married, and my husband find out about my affair, and call him 25 times a day and told my daughters about my affair. We didn't talk for a while now we are talking againg. And in less than 1 week after he has not called me for 2 1/2 months. He call me and ask me for a favor to lend him $100. He say was for his daughter.. I let him $60.00. This month is his ex- birthay I wonder if he got the money to buy her a gift. I care a lot about him..

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