My Boyfriend Wants Me To Lend Him Money, I Lent But He Was Disappointed That I Made Rules For Return. He Said I Should Bill You For Everything That You Have Eaten At His House. Should I Stay In Relationship?


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BEN GREGO answered
WOW this guy is really petty!!!! I'd get out as soon as I could!! You don't need a tight-fisted, selfish man in your life!!! I feel this type of behavior is partly due to the way he was brought up...& no, you are not overreacting!!! Get out of it now!
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Kristi DeMilta answered
Yeah, you're being smart about it. You don't want a tightwad boyfriend, so dump him immediately. I hope you can get your money back, but with how he's acting, I doubt that'll happen. Forget the money, if nothing else, and move on.
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Tiffany Lewis answered
The reason you have set guidelines is because you're smart.  I took a chance with my fiance after we were just dating for about 9 months. He needed to borrow $1600 for school. I set rules for repayment and he completely understood because he would have done the same thing. I say it was a chance because if you're going to loan money always be prepared to never see it again. If you need it, don't lend it. There's always the possibility that it may never be repaid. Your boyfriend sounds over the top.  Loan vs. Snacks is not fair. He should care about your well-being and if he doesn't he may not be the one.
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Penny Kay answered
I would get my money back and then end the relationship. This guy sounds like a user. He is making the inference that his generosity in feeding you, means that you owe him money without benefit of repayment. This does not bode well for any relationship. He sounds like a cheap selfish and irresponsible jerk.
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Mati green answered
Get your money back and get OUT.. He's a petty selfish immature jerk. After he gives you all your money back... Toss him a quarter... For all the food you've eaten.... Then tell him you're even now and GOODBYE. If he doesn't want to give your money back, then take him to small claims court.
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Anonymous answered
Dump this sorry loser fast. Even if you don't get your money back, cut your losses.

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