Should I Stay With My Boyfriend That Keeps Asking Me For Money?


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Are you KIDDING?  NO respectable guy asks anyone for money, especially a girlfriend.  Kinda reminds me of a loser I dated a lifetime ago, foolishly married and wound up broke and divorced.  He went through all of my hard-earned savings but never saved a dime himself.  This boyfriend of yours is also a loser and I know you don't want to hear it, but it doesn't get better.  Trust me on this.  It's time to dump him and get a real man who cares about you.
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I dated a guy for only two months.This guy started asking me to go for a loan for him,use my name as a guarantor for him and also wanted me to give him money for his air fair.When I refused,he said to me I wasn't helpful meanwhile he has not spent a penny on me before.I dumped him anyway.
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I am dating this guy and he is a recovering addict, he has been clean for some time now and may have relapsed maybe once or three times since is last, now this is my first time ever experiencing something like this, I tried to give someone the benefit of the doubt by not trying to judge a book by its cover but the book is starting to reveal its true colors. Now recently today like 7 hours ago he asked me for 25 dollars so he can go out to play pool for a while, ( He is recently laid off), I bitched about it, but I gave it to him ( yeah I know I probably am an in abler.) But I just wanted to show him that I trust him and he was doing great so I thought he deserved to enjoy himself. So he went out right then like at two o clock he called me again and said that his friends left him while he was in the bathroom so he had to walk home and he lives far from where they were but he was closer to me  ( I was at work) so he asked for cab fair home. I bitched again about the quality of money but gave it to him I have been trying to call him but no answer it is now 515am. Mind you earlier he bitched on how I was so stingy and selficious because he wasn't getting his way. Does anyone think he is still using
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Ummmm no! He's probably just using you so he can live comfortably. To the both of you who are in the same position I am sorry that you are in love with people that are like that, if they truly love you they should atleast appreciate it and plan to give you the world in return. It's hard but if they really love you try telling them no, if they really care they'll understand and won't be upset. It's the easiest way to determine if they really like you or are just using you.
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I am with a guy 18 yrs. My junior and he's in a halfway house.  I basically have been supporting him, cigarettes, money, food, some clothing, shoes.  It was good when I felt his appreciation and caring but now he acts like thats the way it should be.  It 's my own fault because I opened this door, I was lusting over him, his kisses and sex were wonderful (are wonderful) and I am basically keeping him around for that. But it's growing old and the more I learn of him, the more I am turned off by him, but I feel obligated now.  I am looking for a way out but see none except for to disappear, and my heart will be broken, that would be my advice to you, dump him, yet I can't do it my own self, so I don't know what to tell you girlfriend.

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