Why Do People Get Married When It's So Pointless?


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I see where you coming from..its like why i have to marry you to prove my love to you...then like if your husband/wife cheat on you or do something you have to pay all that money to get a divorce..Why not stay boyfriend/girlfriend or suga momma/suga daddy and if they mess up you can just let them go and move on with no problems lol.... That's how I'm looking at it..but i do want a wedding its just the traditional thing to do I guess.
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I think people get married is because they full in love and they really love to be in their life. From angel1313
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I think people who marry because they want to build a life, together, do so for good reason. Laws governing the owning and transfer of property need to be addressed, and Children need to have stability in their life. I think committing your whole self to another person for life, good times and bad, is a very noble tradition. I am not saying one absolutely requires legal intervention, but there are rights and obligations implicit with marriage that single people would not have cause for, relief, under the law.
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My husband and I got married in the judges chamber one day before he left for the military. We had no fancy clothes, and we had gold bands we bought on sale.  We owned nothing and had no money to do so at the time, but we loved each other and wanted to be together. If you found the right person you would change your mind. We have been married now for 31 yrs and both are just as happy as we were the day we got married.  We have children and grandchildren now.  He too has told me if he died tomorrow he regrets nothing and would die a happy man.  I feel the same about him.  To know he and I made a vow to love each other till death do us part and for better or worse - we've had it all what a remarkable, memorable, and wonderful journey it has been.
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Marriage is an commitment.....
this single word can answer your all question....

it is also a vow that two individual exchange(man and woman),
to be together at both good times and the bad time,
to love each other sincerely by accepting each others flaws
and to care for the other without any expectations in return..

a pure bond is created within those two individuals heart
when they exchange their vows....{that is if they're serious about life long relationship with 1 one person}
Marriage makes a man complete..... And makes a woman complete....
men are giver in love, protection, security, and life(sperm)  and woman are giver in caring and nurturing part, body(ovum) moral support, health, she is practically takes his mother's role in a marriage(that's why there's a say "there's a lady behind every man").....

another reason of marriage,
a husband flaws and Body are the wife's secret while,
the wife's flaws and Body are the husbands secret...

you can see marriage breaking down... The reasons are the husband/wife fail to keep their self as the secret's sharing companion to their    WIFE/HUSBAND ONLY...
they extend it to a group sharing secret....!!!

when a couple has come to a decision to be together forever.... They want the day they are officially and lawfully together to be very, very, very memorable.....!!!!

Hope i make sense, i am again feeling emo.....

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I don't know from which of the world you are, but to stay together is India, they should get married. Now - a -days the virus of dating also entered India, but in majority of places in India, marriage is a holy procession.
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I understand what you're saying. The whole ordeal of getting married, having children, dealing with a lifetime of cr*p then spending so much money to get out of it makes it pointless in my book. To do over again, I never would've gotten married - live together, yes but why marry?
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I married my first love and late next month it will be 30 years.
We have our arguments but we get over them.
We realise that we are growing old together and respect that.
There never goes a day we don't say I love you.
So, "POINTLESS" what have you done with your life?
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They don't think. They're not happy so by being married they're being idiots. That's why I say I don't believe in marriage but I know there is such a thing as divorce and that's my motto !!!!

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I've been saying the same thing all the time! My dad is stuck with my mom because its too hard to get divorced and would cause too many problem. He complains about having to live with my mom and they cheat and don't like each other but still stay married. When I grow up I don't want to get married and people think that's weird and immoral but I just don't wanna be stuck like my dad

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You need to be very sure about to whom you are committing you life to. People who have been together for years & years at some point decided to fight for the relationship, no matter what while others get tired of being betrayed & hurt. When it's with the right person - it's great.
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Maybe they want to prove it to their childrens and demanding their children to prove it to their grand children , that getting married is pointless


they are trying to prove that your question is wrong

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