Why Do Men Look At Other Women, Even When They're In Love With You?


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Do all men look at other women?

I believe looking is natural. I look at other women and I'm heterosexual. However, humans are monogamous, that is why we hurt when we see our lover looking at, flirting with, or kissing another person. I think that a man or woman should try not to look at others to consider their lover's feelings.

I think that most cultures exploit women as sex objects and many women exploit themselves by wearing revealing or tight clothing (especially the most insecure women). I'm not saying that all women should cover up like quakers, but they should maybe consider what image they are giving off when they wear certain things. If they don't want their men looking at other women they should not dress so other men will look at their bodies.

What about looking at pictures and porn, rather than real women?
Men who are married and watch porn or have sexual pictures of women around them (on calendars or on their phone, as mentioned earlier, I'm sorry that he is like that) do not respect women or their partner. If they did they would tone down the sexual bit and look after the ones they already have! I do not understand how some men and women can do the same sexual things over and over. Do you ever feel its getting redundant and perhaps not the best thing in life?

For women, who's men check out other women in all sense of the word, not just look, I think you should do the same thing and see what their reaction is.

Men, if you are constantly thinking nasty thought about other women, I would suggest not marrying and going to Vegas to live like Trump for the rest of your life. No women like that, not even the ones who pretend to be okay with it, they just say they are so that you think they're cool in the first place!

If you love someone you will sacrifice your sex drive for their feelings. Period.
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I didn't read any of these other answers, so I hope I'm not just repeating everybody else.
I know, no woman likes to know that her man is looking at some other hottie, but as we all know, men have to look. They seem to have no control over it even though we know that they have a little.  But, on their side, I have heard the argument that testosterone works a little bit differently... That men actually are more sexually driven than women naturally so it would be considered a natural activity for them.  Women will never fully understand.
I used to be a very jealous person... Not angry jealous, but you understand obviously, it just doesn't feel good when you don't feel like you're the center of his attention when he's out with you and says he loves you and all that mushy stuff.  But I have a lot of guy friends that I am very close with and when you hang out with a bunch of drunk guys you hear it all.  They all will look... If you don't feel that way, you just haven't caught him yet.  But that doesn't mean he will cheat or that he is any more interested in this other hottie than you.  It's just a natural thing... You've got to admit... You may not have any funky thoughts or picture them naked or anything, but you've looked at guys when you were with someone.  You register it as, hey, he's a good looking guy or well dressed or I like his hair or something lame like that.  Guys just register things a little differently... Like she's got a great rack or hot lips or something... That doesn't mean he wants to make out or grab her chest... Because if he did, he wouldn't be passing up that opportunity just to hang out with you.  The way I kinda helped myself get over that stage is to talk about the hotties before they get the chance to look and make me uncomfortable.  Say wow, she's got a great butt, or I love her hair, or she's so pretty... As soon as you're more comfortable with talking about these things, you'll be more comfortable if you see his head turn a little.  Then you can just tease him about it a bit and watch him try to redeem himself.  It's kinda cute.  You obviously know she's hot or you wouldn't be asking this question and you wouldn't be insecure about it... So be the first to bring it up.  Make him look and watch his reaction.  I promise... When you realize that he can open up to you about things like that and you can talk about it together, you'll feel much better about the situation.
Hope I helped
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I don't know bab! I think that once we are married, we know we can't have anybody else, so all we can do is look. Men are creature's of smell, sight, and touch. If we see something that looks good, we look. It's not right that we do it in front of our wife's, we shouldn't do it at all. I apologize to you for him. My wife tells me the same thing. But sometimes these girls or woman come out the house showing all there goods and it makes it hard not to look. Were not trying to be disrespectful, but it's like we can't turn away! Some guys know they will never leave there wife, so they feel like they can flirt as long as they don't take it any further. Some just want to know if they still got it; they haven't been with another woman in years so they want to know if they are still attractive. I hope this helps. Leave me a message in my shout out box. Thank you.   
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Ok, so this might sound like a bit of an excuse coming from a guy, but there's an actual scientific study that suggests it's really a man's evolutionary heritage to blame whenever he checks out another woman.

The thing is, prehistoric men were programmed to mate with as many females as possible. It was the only way to ensure survival of the species.

To help them along biologically, men were programmed to view new females as "sexier" than a familiar face. If it weren't for the overpowering appeal of another woman, those lazy neanderthal men would have become complacent and settled for what they already had (I don't mean that to sound as crass as it probably does). This would have meant a far lower chance of offspring being born and surviving to carry on the bloodline.

On the other hand, the females of the species viewed procreation in the polar opposite way. The more familiar and recognisable a man's face was, the more trustworthy it became.

And, as we all know, you can't spell family without trust (well, you can... But anyway).

So, ladies, next time you catch your man's eyes wandering, just try and remember that he's just doing what he's programmed to do!

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Depends on the man, my husband never looks at another women. He's very in love with me and we have been together over 20 years (including dating and 20 years marriage). I was his first love and his last. He might think a movie star is pretty but not women in real life. 

I don't know why, I'm not so special or particularly beautiful. I am a decade older than him. It's just him and I nothing I do to make him that way, he's just that way. He's the greatest husband and friend ever. I was so blessed. My first husband was a total a$$ and was always drooling over other women. Complete antithesis of my current husband.

 I believe there are great men out there who aren't interested in lusting or looking after other women, I also think there are men who notice but aren't interested in anyone but their mates... And definitely there are complete DOGS... Get rid of those! Lol

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You just have to face up to the fact that that's the way men are!!! My dad used to do this, and my aunt caught him glancing at another lady.....she told my mom, and my mom (very wisely!!) said that he can always look, but he knows who he's married to, and he always comes home to her...
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Because men don't find their date interesting anymore because when they start dating the man feels that the relationship is getting boring so he wants to move on to the next girl
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^This. Finally some real guy putting the truth out there and not trying to put up some BS excuse of "naturreeee". Just admit your wife/gf/boyfriend/etc. just doesn't excite you anymore and that you're a shallow pig. (goes for both men and women)
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All men like smart girls with good figures. I don't think it is a good idea to check the woman in front of others. Men have complete picture of their dream woman in their mind all the time.

If you like a woman then there is no need to tell others what would you like in her. It is just a private business between you and your beloved.
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Women spend a lot of time worrying about this.  The truth is it is human nature and you probably can't stop it.  I look at other men all the time and my boyfriend never gets upset.
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Its not human nature we allow it to be by saying that crap... Thats how u deal with it i guess. If u are looking at other men htey arent half naked and your man must not be worried.. He prolly dont think u are looking at a full clothed man thinking u want to do them.. So thatsthe different women are not dressed they show alot of skin and men think of sleeping with them..
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because we are dogs
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...if you never really loved and respected him in the first place. kbyeee

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