What Does Real Love Feel Like?


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Is it Real love?

This is one of the great undefined mysteries of life. The fact that the perception of "love" can be viewed in so many different ways by humans often clouds the true definition of the word.

The feelings experienced in the early stages of a promising intimate relationship include those of excitement, lust and great sexual appetite. You may also feel overwhelmed with thoughts of your lover and be rather flooded with emotions and hormones, of which are chemical reactions that occur as part of the bonding process.

When a relationship has matured, your feelings may alter to a different, more relaxed level. Having established history and a bond, your relationship will have a solid foundation upon which you will feel comforted, secure and contented. The feelings of affection and happiness are very much included in this stage of love, but they feel less frantic than in earlier times of your engagement with your lover.

But how will I know if I'm in Love?
It is often said that you will "just know" when you experience true, everlasting love. A good way to find out if you are onto a good thing is to ask yourself the following questions:

* Can you think of any reason why this person might not be right for you? If your mind is flooded with bad thoughts, perhaps you are not experiencing true love.

* Does this person make you feel happy, fulfilled and respect you? If they don't, you will be missing out on a major part of what constitutes a successful relationship.

* Has this person ever been unfaithful to you? Have you ever been unfaithful to this person? If the answer to either question is yes, you may not be in quite the right relationship. Fidelity is key to the formula of a well formed relationship.

*Can you see yourself marrying this person and being with them for the rest of your life? Certainly those experiencing a wonderful relationship will not hesitate to agree with this question.

I guess to sum up the real answer, the question is...
can you see your life with this person? Do you feel better when you see them no matter how bad your day has been? Do you feel safe in their arms and want to spend every spare minute with them? Can you imagine what you're children might look like and what you're both going to be like when your old and grey together? If yes, then that is what it feels like to be in love.

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People talk about the feelings of love and they are talking about different aspects as though they were the same. I agree with most people who post, that real, long-term Love is a wondrous fulfilling feeling akin to what you feel for other family members and best-friends all rolled into one.

Romantic love, especially when it is new or the first time you've feel it has other aspects that don't feel so great. They are just as important to understanding the feeling. Love can contain other feelings like jealousy or vulnerability, it can make you feel sick to your stomach, give you the jitters, it can make you feel like your having a heart attack or want to throw up. It can make you feel vulnerable and make you want to hide or hurt the other person before they hurt you. These tend to go away over time when trust is established.

Many people sabotage relationships because they don't understand why they feel so weird. That can be the beginnings of love. Hopefully, over time the negative aspects wane and are replaced with a warm glow and feelings of fulfillment when you see that the emotions are returned.

If you don't have a context to understand these feelings, it's confusing!
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I thought I knew what true love was. I had no idea untill I met my fiancee. I was in a dead end abusive 7 year relationship that started as infatuation and puppy love and I thought it was \"true love\". I would never have known what true love was if I would never have met my angel. We met while I was working two jobs to support my ex and myself and living with him and his mom. Everyday was painful and horrible with my ex, but I was comfortable. When I met my amazing man I was so lost, so alone, but tricking myself into believing I was in a true love. I met him by complete chance. I had hired a girl a few days before and she was having issues getting a ride to and from work (her boyfriend was taking her car), so after work one day last april I took her home and her friend was stopping by. The moment he walked in something drew me to him. I wanted to tlk to him for hours and look into his amazing eyes. Typically I wouldn\'t have gone after someone like him based on looks alone, he\'s about 3 inches shorter than me, he dressed like a grungy hippie, and was really laid back. I\'m the opposite, proper, clean cut, and pretty on point. But something about this person made me so interested I wasn\'t able to walk away. We exchanged numbers and said we should hangout sometime. I know this seems wrong, but when you know...you cannot fight it. I didn\'t have a chance. I fell in love with him from the moment I saw him and everyday I continue to fall in a deeper, more amazing love wit him. I put his happiness in front of my own, I would do anything for him, anything. We have been tested, messed with, had horrible things thrown our way during our relationship..and yes it sucks, but our love never weakens. It grows stronger with each challange. I hate being without him...his touch calms me...no matter what is happeneing. Its like he soothes my soul. If there was one place I would want to be if the world was ending...it would be wrapped up in his arms looking into his amazing eyes. I love him with every peice of my being and its unlike any other feeling I\'ve ever had. I wish I could give him the world..and tell him that all the time..and he says \"I\'ve got my world in my arms\". I would die for him to live, I would walk to the ends of the earth for this love...this love keeps me going...this is why people take that chance...because when you find the real thing it is unlike anything in the universe.
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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
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When your lover is away from you, you can't think about anything else and all you want to do is get back to them. You know your in love when your lover hurts you so bad by the simplest of things that you wouldnt even think twice if someone else did..  It takes two to make true love work..  If your lover truly loves you then it feels like the world could end and both of you wouldnt rather be anywhere else but in each others arms
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You know when you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is that person.
Or when you're sad and for some reason the only one that can help is him/her. Even if you don't talk about what is bothering you.
When you no longer feel like doing something you were passionate about, because you want to be with him/ her.
When you hug him/ her  you feel  safe, and never want to leave
you become lost in their eyes.
You know you don't have to change because he/ she will accept you anyways.
And knowing you can TRUST them, if you doubt it, it will not be the good kinda love
when you're in love you will know it.
Its the most amazing/ scary thing that will ever happen to you
just make sure that who ever you do let yourself fall in love with deserves your love.
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I know you are going to think that this is NOT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR, but please try it. Look up the description of love in the BIBLE. If you feel those things, some of them being unselfish, not jealous, putting her/him before all others, etc. (please read it) Then if you feel peace in your heart when you are together and never threatened - when you feel like you have found your best friend ever and yet you have such tender passionate feelings...you probably got it good!
And then I say Congtatulations. If not, don't settle until you get what you deserve and that is all of the above.
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I asked my mum this question a lot. She said you have to get to know each other and be patient. Love happens slowly. And it's when you can realize their faults but still love them anyway. When you fight you can always talk about it to resolve it. When you can look them in the eye after you've first had sex and smile at each other, not feeling ashamed. Love is more then a feeling. It's expressed through their actions as well. It's incredible.
I just hope I can find that one day.
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When you walk down the street and you see a really cute guy or girl and you just think wow thats an attractive person, and nothing no compulsion of wanting to get to know that person because you are content with the one that you have.  You just want the best for that person and you only think of them.  I mean there are a lot of relationships where they start as just sex and that physical attraction but when you find true love you just know. It's an amazing feeling and its also one that not everyone will feel during this lifetime, I mean if everyone were to experience it them we wouldn't have so much infidelity and divorce in this society. Sex is a primal feeling while Love and true love at that is much more spiritual as it consumes every fiber in your body. Love and Respect go hand in hand.  Good luck on your quest
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When you find love you can't stand to be away from each other. You feel as if you will die without them. You will give anything to see their cute smile their dimples and the look in their eyes if saying your the only thing that helps me threw life. But..... There are people who act if they love you so waite for "the one".

P.S. Hope you like my thing about love I just wrote what was on my mind.
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Love is a wonderfull feeeling. Juts looking at that person makes your smile. Daydreaming about your future together. When your with one another time just flys away. Happiness is easily given, there is nothing forced, just a pure feeling. Loyalty and commitment and dependency, like nothing cud go wrong. Hes the one..
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WHen your in love, you feel as though your in your own world where only you and your partner exist. I'm still rather young, and this boy and I have liked eachother for two years, yet we only started to go out 3 months ago! When we were together, everything felt amazing. He held me in his arms, looked deeply into my eyes and said "I could just hold you forever". There was great chemistry between us, and I felt a spark fly between us both. I have never felt so secure, safe and happy in my entire life and we never wanted to let go of eachother. It's honestly an amazing feeling that you never want to go away
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I am so in love.
It feels like the deepest contentment I have ever known. Being with him, I am totally fulfilled and happy to just be there, and couldn't be bothered with anything else. He is perfect for me in a way I couldn't have imagined. I couldn't have designed a man who could give me such lasting, simple, easy happiness. It's not over the top romantic, we always give each other a hard time and joke around. We've never gone to a restaurant together, or any typical dates.
We didn't intend to be together, we were booty calls, but even though we both fought it, we ended up unable to deny what we have.
We laugh a lot, have a great sex life, enjoy simple things.
When one of us is in a bad mood or something bad happens, it's just another kind of wonderful. We tolerate each other beautifully. We freak each other out because it's terrifying to love someone so much that you see no reason why it would ever end.
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All the discussions here revolve around boyfriend / girlfriend love, which is really "lust" or "infatuation" which really is great, but when asking yourself about love, think of your love for your mother, father, brother or sister because that is love... You've lived with them, grown up with them, argued with them but you'd not do without them.
I love my wife, totally and without question, but you'll never feel love like having a son or daughter.
I have just had a daughter.. Now 3 months old and I would, if need be, die for her. I would take a bullet for her. I'd sacrifice everything I've ever owned or had for her.
I'd do the same for my wife too and she knows that and so we are totally happy being together.
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Right now, I am in the beginning stages of Romantic Love with someone I have been waiting for a life time for. Why do I feel this way? Because it is something that I have not EVER felt before. And like Blurt said, I have had so many emotions that I have had jitters, been sick to my stomach, cry on a moment's notice (not sobbing...it's like I'm leaking the tears! WEIRD!) And I know my guy feels the same way but he's more of the doubter then me, started suggesting I was a good bull sh*tter and what not. I cannot nor could EVER bulls*it THIS feeling! Overwhelming, uncompromising. Truly, madly and deeply....I am in love...and I cannot wait to be with him...to show him how I feel and to smooth those slightly ruffled feathers lol :)
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"You want to touch, protect, and guide their very soul to a better place than what you see this this world as being able to offer" And that is what is so "intense" that makes all of the other feelings you have so "intense" in the first place.
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One day I wrote out what was going through my head. I wrote about the way he makes me feel. With all my true feelings spilled onto the page, this is what I got - "When I'm around you my hear gets warm and jumpy. I don't know what to think or feel. Yet, in the midst of all this confusion, my heart is at ease because I know that I am safe. You make me happy. You make me smile. You make me comfortable. You make me, me. Although my stomach is in knots, it feels so good to know that you put them there." -
I think I love him.
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It feels like a down-filled coat of joy that keeps you warm and healthy while you shovel snow out of your journey's path.
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Real love feels like you can do anything , anytime, anywhere for your love without even thinking a second of the result
Real love is something which gives you the positive energy to tackle the problems
Real love is something which will always guide you to choose the right path in your life

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When you really fall in love - You will know it:) Just be sincere - Love unconditionally, (most of the times you won't receive the same feeling back) make sure you understand your motif and differentiate lust from Love. Many guys will think they are in love - but all they feel is lust. Boys be careful - don't go breaking young girls heart! Just be truthful! Honest! - Say what you feel - period!... If you're not sure - take your time, communicate, move forward step by step and you'll see - if this feeling stays unconditional or it's just your need you're trying to fulfill.
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Love is hard t describe, when you experience you will just know, it is an indescribable true feeling, for me getting nervous all the time even when I wasn't around him, if they are always on your mind, if you look at others but you just know they will never be like that one

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I found love with a married man who has two children. She found out, and we had to end. No matter how much a man loves you, it cannot compare to the love he has for his children, and they will always come first.

Love is complicated.

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You could not imagine yourself with anybody else. You would lay down your life for them. You accept them, warts and all.
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It feels like the happiest day of your life
and you feel like sceaming to the world.
And you'd cry for them because you love them
and you'd do anything for them ,
you'd love them with heart
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The feeling of love can't be explaind! It can but... Hmm heres my explanation...
You feel good a fuzzy feeling in your stomach! You feel like you can fly!
Hope this helps! :)
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I met my girlfriend online, so from my experience, here's what I think:

-If they were in danger, you would step in between them and the danger.
-You don't care what they look like, because you love what's inside.
-That person is the last thing in your mind before you go to sleep, and the first thing when you wake up.
-When you sleep, your dreams are about you and your interest in the future. (Wedding, a romantic date, sitting on the beach at sunset, etc)
-You don't care what other people think about them, you, or your relationship.
-When you're not together, you can't stop thinking about when you'll next meet, be it the next morning, or a year from then.
-You don't feel the need for any sexual contact.
-You care more about their happiness than about anything else.
-When you see them, your heart begins to beat fast for no particular reason.
-You feel like you need nothing more when you're with them. You're as contented as you can be.

Also, I feel that if you can stay with them for a year and still love them as much as you did when you first met, your relationship will last a lot longer.

Another important pointer: Although you may feel like you want to spend forever with them, balance your time together. Eventually, you will run out of things to talk about.

Here's a question that will, 9 times out of 10, show if it's true love:

If one of you had to die, and you got to choose between the following:
Your love getting a quick, painless death and you live, or:
You have to suffer a slow, excruciatingly painful one and they live
Who would you choose?

Despite my horrible fear of a painful death, I would choose to let my love go on.

But all that was just my personal opinion. If you believe otherwise, that's fine by me. The only belief I have a problem with is Catholic, as a close friend of mine was molested by a priest. (Google Catholic Sex Abuse Cases-- there's 3,810,000 results as I type this, as opposed to Protestant at 291,000. I use these as they are very similar to a non-religious person.)

Again, that rant against Catholics is just a personal opinion, If you think differently, that's fine, too.

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I do feel that I love my boyfriend, we are happy together and we trust each other in any situation. I see my self with him in the future.  Our relationship is exciting and lust. We love each other and I feel secure with him and he also feels secure with me.
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It is very easy to know how can you feel that it is a real love or not try to be away from that person if you can do it so that mean that you doesn't love that person , but it will be something as like or the beginning of love but it will not be a real love .
The real love  mean  that you can never  be away from your lover.
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Love is the most amazing thing that can ever happen to you.Its hard to explain the feeling exactly but the first time I said I love you to a guy I got the feeling I was floating and it was the most amazing feeling. I'm going out with a guy name aaron but he hasn't told me he loves me yet but in my previous relationships they have its just great. I hope you get the feeling I did when some one tells you they love you!
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Well, for me luv is the most wonderful thing to happen in my life. I'm 23 years old & before falling in luv with my future husband. He showed the most wonderful time and no it was  sexually. My man showed me what a real woman should be treated like every dad. Once you have that feeling in your heart go for it . You can only correct and learn from all mistakes.
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I can only said ask your self if you See you life with out of him? If the answer is no then you really are experience a true love I will do anything for my boyfriend to understand that my life with out of him is not a life = dead and sadness that only people that experience this understand the dark and the cold you feel when that person is not with you like my babe mandeep.
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Umm..you can tell in different ways, like when I realised I was in love, all I could think about was the guy, he was constantly in my mind. I get butterflies everytime I'm around him, and when I'm with him it feels as if nothing could be wrong in the world. I know I'm definately in love with my boyfriend, hes the most important person in my life, other than my parents obviously.
But it really is the most amazing feeling you will ever experience, all you need is love and it will feel like you are on top of the world <33
x x x
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Well, I don't know about anyone else, but my feeling of Love is almost like an obsession. A guilty pleasure. Something thats completely yours, but you can ask friends for advice, but at the same time it's all to do with you and the person who you "love".
However, Love can be hard at times. Especially crushes. Your expectations soar over the actual personality and overall qualities of the person and you find yourself becoming dissapointed.
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Real love should not hurt and constant sadness should not be present. Real love is to admit you are sorry. Real love is not to betray and lie about it. Real love is a two way street. Real love is trust and open communication. Real love is to have warmth and feel hot passion during    love making. Real love is to respect each other. Right now I feel empty I don't believe my husband has too many good traits.
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Real is not love at all it just you care about a person. Real love could mean being in love with two people at once. You never know if its real or not there is no feeling at all there is no love at first sight the best way to explain it is losing the person what you feel after losing them and you seem to can't make it without them then you'll finally know its not in the answers its in the mind and heart and soul of the body.
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This question cannot be answered easily.. But the only way I know how to explain it is.. "It's More Than A Feeling..."
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I feel that the only way possible this guy is not my soul mate is because he doesn't feel the same for me. I honestly feel we are one. And I could spend my life forever with him
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The definition of love is to always be satisfied with your partner weather they are a hobo a freak a fat one weather they look good or not.

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