Does It Mean You Love Someone If You Cant Stop Thinking About Them?


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Thinking about someone all the time?

Normally in the early stages of meeting someone, if there is an initial interest and attraction to them, you may find yourself thinking about them all the time. Even if these thoughts are not all positive, it is likely that you are thinking about them a lot because you like them and your mind is trying to weigh up if this person is worth concentrating anymore effort and time on them or not.

It is likely that you are in the first stages of a relationship and to begin with this can feel almost like infatuation or borderline obsession. With current technology it is also likely that you can find out a lot of information about the person you are thinking about by looking on Twitter and Facebook to see if they are single and what their likes and dislikes are. It can feel like you are in love with someone, even if they do not love you back, although in this instance, it would normally be known as a crush.

What does it mean if i cant stop thinking about someone I've known for years?

If you have been friends with someone for a long time and you find that you are increasingly thinking about them all the time, it is likely that, for you, the friendship has grown into something more and you would like the relationship to develop.  Often, long term friends are scared that taking it any further would ruin their great friendship, although, many people would say that this is what makes the best long term relationships.  Ones that are based on friendship, things in common and trust should last a lot longer than a relationship based purely on physical attraction.
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I feel the exact same way, dude. And you're too scared to tell them for fear of rejection, right?
This person is a ex of mine. I feel like they still may have feelings for me but they have someone else. It hurts to put up with. Don't you just wish they would... Evaporate. Into thin air.
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I swear no matter what I do I am thinking about this guy, I mean I think about him all the time.  So yes I am in love with him.
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I think it does because that is happening to me atm and I can't stop thinking about him all the things I do reminds me of him
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Well it depends on how you're thinking about them. It's love when you miss them all the time. Or when you realize you don't want to do anything without this person.
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Well I think so yes. But it depends about what your thinking about them. If you miss them and want to be around them all the time then yes.
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To tell you the truth yeah it does
I do that a lot
I sometimes can't get that person out of my mind
maybe you love them  then like them
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Depends on how long you've known them. If you just met, then you r in lust. When years go by and you are still in lust , then you're in love.
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The same thing is happening to me. But the guy kinda likes someone else (she might just be a friend though) but I can't stop thinking of him and I can't stop looking at him. I have loved him since I was in 3rd grade (I am in 6th grade now) but even though he has liked other people I have STILL loved him. But sadly he doesn't exactly know that.
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My dear thinking about someone only means you love them. You always feel their absence whenever they are not their. To cut the story short all is love with love, anything can happen.

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It might ive gone or am going through that ..its like you absolutely can not think of anyone else but them its hard
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Yes it really is hard i have thought about this guy for like 2 years and the feeling hasnt gone away i think about him 24/7 i dont kno wat to do i really need to kno. Beacause there is no other guy i hacve ever felt this way he has a girlfriend but she is not even ................. Lol but wat i am tryin ta say when i first met him ,saw him,talked to him, my life revolves around him now i just wish there was some way that i could get him out of my head but i just love him ya kno wat i meen ,,,,.
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I am always thinking of my boyfriend, I can't help it and I know I can't be without him, I love him so much so it depends on the situation
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I'm not sure what it means. But I know how it feels to think of someone all the time. I've been more than one long term relationship but yet have seemed to stop thinking of this special someone. It's going on 5 years, it's crazy. It is what it is, but I love the feeling!
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I feel the same way its like i met this guy that i used to know in elementary school i don't even know him personally we have talked here and
there but very brief but now all this time later I'm thinking of him
dreaming of him and i cant stop yes I'm in a relationship now but he is
fresh in my mind I found him on Facebook so I know what he looks like
now I'm just like how all this time I did not think about him and then
boom one day he is the only thing I can think about . I want to request
him and just pick his brain a little but afraid were it might go ... I
wonder if he thinks of me .. Or is that the reason I'm thinking of him
because he is thinking of me ???

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It really depends, for me i cant stop thinking of this guy for like about 5 years ( we both liked each other 5 years ago but he didn't have the courage to ask me out ) and I still can't stop thinking about him - even after we graduated and we didn't see each other for about 2 years. 

We eventually got together though, so good luck :)

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Well, not necesssarily.  You could be wanting to be friends, or maybe it's guilt.  You might have feelings for him/her, though.  Before doing anything, take some time to sort your thoughts.  Good luck in the deciphering! 

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If you are already in a relationship, then yes. If you are not ,then maybe you are just having a crush on the person but it really depends on you.
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A little of both but all really depends on what youre thinking about this person, but 24/7 is obsession for sure but often but not always is infatuation

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