How Do I Show A Guy That I Love Him Without Having Sex With Him?


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Actions don't always speak louder than words

You are completely right, you can love someone without having sex with them.  Sex is an act that two people in love do together, but it should never be something you do to convince a guy you are serious about him.

Firstly, I would find out what makes him tick, what is important to him, does he like gifts, or your time, or like you to tell him verbally?  Maybe he'd like a day out arranged somewhere, doing all the things that he likes, and then you could say to him "sex is just one activity, I wanted to arrange a whole day of activities to show you just how much I love you".  You could cook his favorite meal, give him a massage, take him to see his favorite sports team, or simply go for a starlit walk.

You can't buy love
I think low cost gifts, that take a lot of effort show someone you love them perhaps count more.  Maybe a collage of photos of the two of you, a cd of songs that are meaningful to you, or small notes left in his coat and jeans pockets.  Other suggestions could be making them breakfast in bed, giving them vouchers to redeem for hugs and kisses, maybe even write love letters as it is rare to get a letter in the post now that text messages can be sent.  The list is endless, just use your imagination and think of what would be really special to them specifically!

You might find that all of these lead up to you wanting to sleep with him, but this should be when it feels natural and not like you have anything to prove by doing it.
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That is very hard to differenciate in our days especially amongst young people.We may think that sex and love are the same  but they are not.You have to talk more about this with the guy and find out exactly what he wants from you.All you have to do to show your love for him is just to be there for him whenever he needs you to be,for you to show how much you care for the guy and things like that.Help him out with stuff and sort problems together.It is very important that he is made aware of the fact that you are not there for sex at a very early stage in the relationship.
Good Luck!
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Don't confuse love with sex.  All you have to do is simply tell him. You do not have to mention that you are dating or not.  Keep in touch with him, communicate with him on a daily basis and he should be able to enjoy your companionship and friendship. You can ask him to meet you and have a cup of coffee or something like that. Soon you will be able to know if he loves you or not.

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when you love someone you are willling to do things for them that you wouldnt for others. You naturally want to make them happy - sex out of the picture.... By you loving him naturally you will be loving him right :) do yours and his love language quiz that will help out a lot

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