I Have Said Some Hurtful Things To My Boyfriend How To I Show Him I Love Him And That I Am Sorry?


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Stephanie Coe Profile
Stephanie Coe answered
Well do something that he would appreciate.
Spend alone time with him and express your
feelings for him. Show him that you love him
and no matter what words exit from your mouth
you love him. Try new things with him. & just
smile and laugh and have a good time :)
Good luck
Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
Do something really good for him. Take he out to eat at his favorite restaurant and then to out to do his favorite activity (batting cages or golf or whatever it may be). Or what you could do is set up a big date at your place or his and order in his favorite food and movie and snakes and have a little movie night just the two of you where you can talk and be alone and fix everything that went wrong. What you have to make sure you do is show him that you know him and that you care about him and to appreciate him.
Julia Smith Profile
Julia Smith answered
Text him and say to meet me at the park and when your there tell him your sorry and give him a hug and a present.

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