What Are Some Meaningful Things That I Can Say To My Boyfriend?


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Tracy Koroma answered
In order for something to be meaningful, you really have to mean it yourself! Consequently, I can't tell you exactly what to say to your boyfriend, as this would stop it being meaningful.

Besides, it'll be pretty obvious that you've just copied something from the internet if you don't make what you say relate to him specifically.

How To Come Up With Meaningful Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

  • Think of all the things you like about him. Be specific, though - show him that you notice all the little details! This will make it clear that you mean it - as, if you're too vague, it'll look as if you're just saying something you think is a nice thing to say.
  • Tell him how he makes you feel.
  • Tell him how your life has changed since you've been together.
  • Don't lie or exaggerate - if you do, he'll probably notice, and then you'll sound really insincere.
Saying something meaningful isn't difficult at all. You just need to listen to your heart, and let your boyfriend know exactly how much he means to you!
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First think of things that makes you smile about him, then let him know how much you appreciate him.
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Be honest and tell him how you feel. That's the only way it will really be meaningful. Because if you have someone just tell you what to say to him, then that wouldn't be very meaningful at all.
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Just say "I love you", but only if you mean it. Can't get more meaningful than that!

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