How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Say Sweet Things To Me?


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The majority of guys find it difficult to say sweet things, even if they are thinking them. Not only are they hard-wired to have different attitudes to particular things than women, they are also socially conditioned to believe that showing any kind of emotion is a sign of weakness.

That doesn’t mean that your boyfriend will treat you unkindly, what it does mean is that it is more likely that he will show you how he feels by his actions rather than what he actually says. It also means that when he does say something sweet, you can be sure that he really means it, and so it will be extra special.

Of course, not every boy is like this and you may find that a friend’s boyfriend is happier to say sweet things to her, which is perhaps why you want yours to. The kind of guy who does this very often falls into one of two categories; the first one is the guy who is incredibly self confident. He knows how he feels and is not afraid to let other people know it.

The other category is not as pleasant. There are some blokes who are more than happy to tell their girlfriend (or any other girl, for that matter) exactly what they think they want to hear, rather than what they are actually thinking and feeling. The purpose for this is usually so the girl will respond to this flattery and give him more than perhaps she would do ordinarily. Not only is this manipulative, but it is cruel to play with somebody else’s emotions by making them think that you feel one way, when in fact you couldn’t really care less.

So, rather than be upset that your boyfriend doesn’t say sweet things, be grateful he is more honest with you.
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I notice that this is a natural guy block. Guys usually have a hard time to say romantic things. But maybe he shows signs of doing nice things like, takes you out for lunch and stuff. I just think that you shouldn't push him because he probably can't put it in words. Guys naturally are like that but I am sure that he will say your pretty and everything like that eventually. (=
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I tried sweet and hes not being sweet bak
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Tell hm you wre told you were cute nd wre amazed hll think he shd do better
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First, set the mood. Maybe soft lights, sweet music, candles. Then as the romance progresses, tell him gently that you care for him, and you'd love to hear sweet words from him also. Explain that it will make you two closer by sharing feelings. That should do it.

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