How Come People Don't Want The Truth?


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Because the truth is usually uncomfortable.  Most things are difficult to express if one knows they are going to be uncalled for to some, or unwanted to others.  The truth is something everyone runs from in some way all the time.  It is sad but true.  It takes a person of strong character to state the truth all the time without thinking of how it will offend some and spire on others.  The truth is a fight most of the time because when it is stated then it becomes a matter of opinion.  That is when it gets touchy.
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Cause people in general just SUCK!!! Even your family members. Blood is suppose to be thicker than water but the BS that goes on is rediculous. My wifes family is like that. Nice to your face but talking trash behind it. the only time we tolerate being around each other is during major holidays. Bunch of rat bastards.
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LOL..harshly said, but true..The foundation of family and unconditional love is "BS" as you say..(least what I have seen in my own family and the family of my friends)..My BF is there for me, and stands behind me more than my biological sisters, and we can really talk, about how we feel even if it hurts to hear is a shame that most (not all) family members most likely woulnt even want to know each other if they were not related
does it really matter???
Nice, like your way of thinking,.
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I believe it is just human nature not everyone agrees with what everyone says.
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Thank you Bifmeister...that is true, I just wonder why it seems people ask a question of you, yet they dont really want your why do they ask in the first place...
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Because, it''s not what they want to hear.
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I prefer the truth. Atleast i know what i am dealing with. Sometimes it hurts, but atleast i know where i stand.

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