Is it possible that a rich woman have a marriage to a simple guy?


7 Answers

Lexi Profile
Lexi answered
Of course!=) money isn't gonna stop marriage=)
Mary Asha Profile
Mary Asha answered
MONEY has nothing to do with marriage.. As far as you both are happy.. So, Yes rich woman can definitely marry a simple guy..
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Yes , it happens all the time and if youre really lucky, youre one of them but true love relatiosnhips should never be based on money as thats a sure recipe for disaster one day
emma johnson Profile
emma johnson answered
Yes! Definately! If they both love each other then financial matters should not come in between...h.owever it should be decided by the both not u or me:)
Steve Robinson Profile
Steve Robinson answered
It's possible, but unlikely.  Since the dawn of time, women have looked to men as providers, and if she's the one doing most of the providing, you better be damn good at something to make you worth her while.

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