Is it possible to sleep with a guy? just sleep with him ? and not have sex?


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Hahaha yah its called marriage! LOL! Just playing. On a serious note.... Of course it is possible but you are putting yourself in a situation where sex is very likely to happen. It is better to sleep separately till you are certain that is something you would be wanting to do.

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Hi yinandyang your up early
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LOL! Yes I was taking my 9 year old to school waiting for her to finish getting ready! LOL! It is back to school time again. Next month I will be on less cuz my 12 year old will be back in school. I home school her. However this is my "cigarette" break (if I smoked!) LOLOLOLOLOL
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There could be multiple reasons why this wouldn't lead to intercourse.

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Anything is possible. It depends on the guy also. If he knows beforehand that you don't want it to go any farther, and he respects your decision it's possible.

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I had occasion to do so a number of times in my 30's.

Most adults are capable of acting like adults when appropriate or necessary.

Casual sexual encounters are not always satisfying---certain basic attractions (beyond atavism) must be in play.  

Morality aside, if those are not there---abstinence is the best choice.

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