Is it a mistake to sleep with your female friend?


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XX Chromosome Profile
XX Chromosome answered
It depends on what it means to both of you. If you both fine with it and all and decide to be sex friends, that's fine. But if you just don't think about it much and she thinks you're in love with her, then you're in trouble. LOL It all depends.
Crystal Smith Profile
Crystal Smith answered
Nah. I sleep with my best friend (well now bf) all the time!
Ruby Rose x. Profile
Ruby Rose x. answered
If you are a boy no if you are a girl yes lol
Judy Weston Profile
Judy Weston answered
It all depends on the situation at hand...
Sunshine Baby Profile
Sunshine Baby answered
It really depends...if it was forced then yes. But if it was mutual thing that you both wanted to try then no. It could make your relationship awkward or better but it's whatever you choose it to be.
Bailey Zuniga Profile
Bailey Zuniga answered
Sometimes i mean if you have some kinda thing going on and you both wanted to and you both were single then no its not a big deal but if she has a man then yeah and you better watch out because you will get your butt kicked.
Zinab Lee Lee Profile
Zinab Lee Lee answered
So u like ur best friens
some friends wanna be best friend no sex some friends if they like each other then yes thats fine because they like each other
Chucky Macdoodle Profile
Yea it is it's disgusting really and it will be awkward anyways so no don't and if you did don't do it again please the only thing we need in the world now is to EVEN FRIEND HAVE SEX WITH EACHOTEHR

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