What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You?


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It's difficult to know how to react when your boyfriend ignores you.

  • It is probably best to try to talk to him first. There is nothing stopping you other than your pride. If he continues to ignore you, then you may want to cease further communication with him but you may also want to throw in a parting "Call me if you feel like talking again."

  • Go hang out with your friends and guy friends. Make him think you don't care that he's not talking to you. Some guys like the fact that they know their girlfriend will always be waiting for them. You have your own life too so live it.

  • Don't let it get into your head. Getting sad and emotional about it just lowers your appeal and may be the goal of some chauvinistic men. Be happy and smile more, then your days will not be hindered by the fact that he is ignoring you.

You may want to take a break for awhile. Turn your phone off, keep away from the computer, and just leave him alone.  This is likely to be a move by him to either find out if he can click his fingers and have you come running at his every word, or he is trying to force you into being the one to break up with him as he is too weak to just do it himself.

On the flip side, it depends how long your boyfriend has been ignoring you for.  Sometime, people just need a little bit of space.  Maybe you have seen a lot of each other recently and he just wants an evening chilling out by himself or with his friends?

Either way, as a first port of call you need to speak to him, preferably face to face if he wont answer his phone or texts, and ask him out right, "is everything ok between us?".

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Find something else to do for a while. It may be his way of letting you know he needs some alone time. If he sees you can occupy yourself without him, he may get curious enough to find out what you are up to.
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Thank you but trust me I know him he probably won't even call me back becasue he always do this he don't never consider his else as being wrong
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Also his family is down here so I know he won't... Becasue usually when he hangs up and his family not there he would cut his phone back on becasue he don't have nothing else to do ... I been going thru this for 5 years
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What you do depends on what you feel. Life is full of up's and down's, it's a give and take process. It's a question of how much are you willing to give and how much are you willing to take. Why the two of you were fighting will determine whether you or he should be the 1st one to call. If he truly loves you he'll call sooner or later. There's 3 sides to every story. Your side, his side and the TRUTH. Review who's right and who's wrong and the person's that's wrong should be the bigger one to ask for forgiveness and may that call.
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There are two sides to every story,I know mine is ignoring me because I realized that I have some control issues, and he is fed up with my attitudes when he doesn't answer his phone on time, or respond to a text message in a timely manner.  But when we were good together it was wonderful, but I need to have my way, now he talks to me for 2 days and ignores me for 5.  Maybe you need to re-evaluate yourself and see if you....can be the problem....I had to realize that
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I'm a guy and my ex gf used to ignore me too so If you want to talk to him, do so. There is nothing stopping you other than your pride. If he continues to ignore you, then you may want to cease further communication with him but you may also want to throw in a parting "Call me if you feel like talking again."
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What really helped me was finding something else to do and just let him come to me when he was done ignoring me. Other than that if he wants to ignore you let him and if it continues just say hey how can I fix the whole you ignoring me thing.
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Ok when your younger its just a way boys act they might not know what your friends might say about it!! But if your older like 17 or older you should really bring this up to him because it makes it seem like he is hiding something from you and that's never good!!!
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Well as long as you both your time, there is really no reason that he should be ignoring you. Maybe you can suggest doing some different things together or becoming interested in each others activities. If he does not want to do any of those options, then you need to ask yourself if you can live with that.
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It sounds like your boyfriend is shy , its either that he isn't completely comfortable around you yet , or if you have other guys in your class which are his mates he doesnt like to admit to them that he loves you , I had the same problem a couple of months back and it sounds like you have a typical jock boyfriend , what I done was confront him and ask why the ignoring and his answer should decide on the future of your relationship xxx
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Just stay calm and think about breaking up with him and go out with your girlfriend and do as yourboyfriend does. If he loves you, he will definitely realize this and try to contact you, or it is no use of waiting for him.
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If you care about him, you will give him a reason to pay you more attention. Do something he wants to be a part of or that raises his curiosity. Become more exciting or catch his imagination.

If you don't care about him enough to go to this trouble, then just dump him. You aren't meant to be then.

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You know the difference between a pond and a swamp ?  A pond has a free flowing exchange of water, allowing it to clear, to take in oxygen, allowing life and growth, beautiful clear water.  

When that free flowing water is cut off or cut down a great deal, it becomes a swamp, the still water is great for all that humans find annoying,  snakes, bugs, etc. 

Without the exchange of water and air, it starts to stink. 

And that's stagnation, kind of where a relationship ends up when their little to no conversation, respect or recognition of the other party or the relationship, your fooling yourself, no relationship can move forward like that and to allow it to stagnate is doing the same to your future, your life and your happiness. 

You may not be able to sense the smell yet, but you should be able to feel the death of movement, the feeling of being stuck, missing the flow that use to be.

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Most of these responses are extremely immature. First of all... If you are being ignored by your significant other...boyfriend...girlfriend (exclusive relationship only. To be ignored by someone you are not established with means just that, they are not interested in you)... It is a response to something you have/have not done. It is a shot over your bow. Obviously they have tried communicating to you about the issue in some way, fashion, or form and you are oblivious or just choose to be selfish and ignore him. Women are good for doing whatever the hell they want to do and expect a good man to just sit back and take it because you feel entitled. Your man is giving you his warning as respectful as he can considering he has communicated his point to you before. Being sorry for whatever you have done is not good enough. The most sincere apology I have ever heard is one that does not have to be said. Give him a day or so. When you are sincerely ready to be a contributing and respectful person who has an emotional clue... Contact him and talk. He will listen.

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