Did You Know That People Don't Even Need A Reason, To Dislike You?


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"universal popularity" a myth? This question here is questionable in its own right! Hello world! What is wrong with "universal popularity" christ relies on it daly. I am not sure where this question is leading but someone is already very mislead. And no one has any right to dislike another because they may remind them of someone else. Or because they are jealous. This is a big part of whats wrong in this world, that our children are having to come up in. Please. Love all, trust few, and do no wrong to no one. William shakespeare.  Best wishes delilahs2
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Willard NOYB
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Came to answer this question to find you've done far better than anything I could have put to paper. Congrats! Will
Penny Kay
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Delilah, I can see that you are an honorable and loving person. I agree with you on this, but the truth is, people do dislike people for stupid reasons, and that is hardly fair.....good answer though!...*p
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I totally agree with you. There are people on here that I have never spoken to that hate me with no reason. Others hate you because you point out a hypocritical statement that they made and they think they are never wrong. And there are a few that try to put on a show that they like everyone but the truth is they have a dislike for half the people the act they like. As hard as I try someone does something that causes me to dislike them. I would say I like 90% of the people I know and you are a person I truly like without a doubt.
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Absolutely correct my friend. This situation arises when somebody is jealous about your success.
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Yes, I have also seen many people who have a dislike for me before I even meet them. I see it here on Blurtit all the time and always try my best to avoid all the trouble that has been going around.

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