Why Are Some People Not Sociable?


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Some people are simply misunderstood
Some people beat to a different kind of drummer
A feeling of not fitting outcast
Privacy issues
Past hurt relationships
Not trusting of others
Like to be in your own company!
And the list goes on
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I have a friend who is a loner, she is a pretty and very nice person, so I begin to wonder why she seem so scared to among people, I mean this girl would hide her intelligent just not to draw attention to herself. She would hang with me, and seem normal, but if too many other people were to tag along she would always have a reason to break away, but as lone as it was one or two people then she was ok. And one day I found out that most of her pain, and disappointment were done in a crowd of people. She had been married and her husband tried to date all her friends, people who claimed to care about her most, seem to wait until they had a crowd to drop a bomb on her, I guess crowds makes her relive all past hurts, and embarrassment.....
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I've been bullied on and off most of my life. I'm 18. I've always been very introverted and quiet because I had to be. I am glad that I'm not some loud, obnoxious extrovert who doesn't know when to shut their mouth. It's sad that in our society the people who are extreme extroverts and who like to demoralize others, are the ones that are generally accepted. Yet, if you don't share everything or act out, then there's something wrong with you. It's one of the reasons I have never been able to relate to people around my own age. In this culture, it's sex, sex, sex, everywhere on TV, music etc. I am generally disgusted by sex and relationships because I am asexual. Yet sometimes I just wish for the emotional closeness, without the physical aspect.
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I was always a happy person and loved to be with people and never wanted or liked to be by myself, but my mom was tortured and killed which I happened to see most of it. After that everything changed. Now I feel more comfortable away from everyone. I don't feel like a normal person anymore. I feel like somehow I should have been able to stop the monsters that did this to my mom and when a horrible killing happens to your own family, I think how can life be normal anymore. I used to love to be out and about. Now I just stay indoors most of the time and go out with friends rarely, mostly to grocery shop. I have some trust issues about being outside of my house even though I know my thoughts are irrational. I am hoping that eventually I will be able to get some counseling to be the kind of  person that I used to be. I sometimes miss that person that I used to be and wonder if I can ever have any kind a life outside the home anymore.
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I had a mild form of a phobia at one time that can actually turn a person into a recluse. The phobia is called agoraphobia which translates roughly as fear of the market place. People who have the phobia really bad will usually be unable to leave their home because they have panic attacks and they fear the feelings that they get when they have these attacks. They will become so afraid to leave home that they will literally stay in their houses for years without setting foot outside.
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Not necessarily. People are different. Some people are outgoing and enjoy socialising, whereas others are quiet and may prefer to be alone rather than around large groups of people.

There's nothing wrong with being quiet, but it is a good idea to try to make a little effort on some occasions so that you can make new friends. However, don't let yourself be forced into attending social events if you really don't enjoy them.

Instead, perhaps you could join a social networking site like MySpace. MySpace is easy to use and is a great way of meeting new and interesting people. It gives you the chance to socialize without having to feel awkward, as it isn't face to face communication.

Try to meet up with your current friends on a regular basis though. Even though you aren't a sociable person, you will find that life will be much more interesting if you make the effort to talk to people and make new friends than it would if you were constantly alone. Having friends around you will make you feel better and you will benefit from it in the long run, even if you have only a few close friends rather than lots.
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Well it usually depends from person to person, there are quite a few people in this world who do not like to mix around and socialize.

They are happy in their own world and are happy with how things are going. They believe that socializing will others will make them behave in a different manner and wont let them be them self. Another reason for people not to mix around or socialize with others could be that they are not too confident about them selves. Feeling inferior or thinking what other will think about them is another reason why people avoid mixing around and socializing.

Socializing basically is a method via which human beings mix around with each other and come to know about each others values and cultures. Socializing is not a new concept and has been around since ages.
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I have ADHD. My mind always on the go. I always try to get my thoughts out but they come out scrambled and people think that I a stuttering problem sometimes, which I don't. So I prefer not to talk thus avoiding being made fun of. So with that being said I prefer just think instead and I'm never bored and I'm not as sociable as other people but nothing is wrong with that.
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In my case, I suffer from agoraphobia. The fear of leaving my familiar surroundings, and being outside.While I am usually comfortable doing my socializing at home, sometimes I am over anxious and suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

There are treatments for this, and I have taken measures to overcome my social anxieties. I now can go to the corner market without the fears.

Other people just don't like to socialize, for whatever reason, be it legitimate, or nonsensical reasons. You can't make a butterfly come out of it's coccoon any sooner than it's time.
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Everyone might have different reasons. Some might have some social problems like social anxiety (which I do suffer from) and others might have low self esteem and think they can never fit in (how I also think). Just don't judge someone that doesn't talk that much as to be stuck up or weird. You never know what's going through their head. My friends said that I was totally different from what they had expected once they got to know me.

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I don't socialize because I am not allowed to. I am only daughter of my parents and from a Muslim family. I am not allowed to go to my friends house even at happy occasion like Eid. I don't go for dinner, I don't go in amusement parks, I don't go on vacation for some hill station. But I love nature, I love rain,I love flowers, I love birds chirping, I love greenery. But I can't feel all this. 

Even in my teenage I years  wasn't allowed to go to an open space in my house because there would be boys there. I feel suffocated. But I am helpless. I have to obey my parents even now when I am in early thirties and not married. I am living life like this.

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