Is It Better To Have A Few Close Friends Rather Than Lots?


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Gillian Smith answered
There's no real answer to this because it all depends on the quality of the friendships you have. Having one good and true friend is probably better than having a lot of people who are more like casual acquaintances.

It's possible to have both lots of friends and one or two very close friends and I think that's what most of us tend to have.
In terms of your social life it's good to have a lot of friends because then you've got lots of choices when it comes to going out and doing things.
I think that having one or two very close friends is a great thing because that sort of friendship tends to last much longer and the strength of the bond between you can grow very strong over time.
If friends are on a more casual level you tend not to share so much with them whereas a best friend is someone who is there with you through good and bad times and you can tell each other all sorts of things that you wouldn't normal tell to other friends.
Some people prefer to have a wide circle of friends and others are more comfortable with one or two good friends - it's an individual thing really.
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I think it is better to have a few best friends then a lot of friends. Having a lot friends I think causes one to never share anything or have anything really in common with someone. I have had the same four best friends for a long time and I think that's better then having a lot of friends cause I can share things with them in confidence and we can talk about pass experiences and laugh and we know each others families and we can be there for one another through out anything. Having close friends allows one to trust them more then if you had a lot of friends and you always have someone to talk to and close friends are there through thick and thin. Just friends are hardly ever.

And if you are an outgoing person then you may have acquaintance's but they are really not friends. But they could fade in and out.
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Louise Gorman answered
It depends on the type of person that you are. If you are a really sociable person, then obviously you will talk to lots of people and have many friends. If you aren't as sociable then you may only have a few friends who you are close to.

It is good to have friends who you can talk to about any problems and friends who you feel you can rely on. Even if you do have lots of friends, there will always be ones that you find you are closer to, and these are the ones that you can trust.

If you had lots of people who you classed as friends but you felt you couldn't talk to them about problems then it would be a good idea to get to know people who you feel you have more of a connection with.
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Yes I do agree with you when the quantity become more then quality become less. I think that in the world you can't have more then 2 best friends whom you can share all of your feelings and every thing whether personal or general things. And when there is bunch of people around you then in my sense they are not all of your friends they are just the companions of your some time era, but the best friends are only few, only 1 or 2.
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I think it is better to have a few/one close friend than many not as close friends. Although they both have their benefits, having a few/one close friend gives you someone you can always talk to, and be comfortable talking to. If you have a lot of friends, they have other friends and they have problems that they may bring you into. Having a few/one close friend lessens the drama in a teenage life. And another to add to the upside of having fewer friends that are close, you are least likely to loosing friends or friends betraying you. But to the upside of having many not so close friends, you have more options. Who to hang out on Friday nights, who to sit by at lunch and so on. Keep your friends close!
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There is a time in most children's lives with they have just one "best friend".This is the only person they are interested in and the only person they need.But as we get older, most people realize that its much healthier to have a small circle of good friends with different personality types. So I am both in favour and against the topic
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.,.,yes.,.,what would you do to the lots of friends if they aren't even true to you.,.I would rather choose FEW CLOSE FRIEND   because you can know them what they really are.,.,at walang plastikan.,., for our generation this time.,.,konti nalang ang TRUE FRIENDS.,. Kaya be careful on choosing your freinds guys..,    ^_^
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I have 3 really close friends and we doing everything together. I have had a lot of normal friends before but I like have close friends better.

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