How To Tell Him That Its Better If We Were Just Friends?


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The best thing to do is to tell him. He's been a great friend in the beginning and I'm certain he would want to keep that relationship. Tell him honestly, you thought it would work out and sadly it hasn't, but you still want to be friends.
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That is a tough one, and his feelings are bound to get hurt & your relationship/friendship will most likely change but TIME DOES HEAL A BROKEN HEART MCLUURV. In my opinion, don't beat around the bush to spare his feelings because people do sense it when one's feelings change in a relationship. I feel that it would hurt him more by you not being honest with him & then you could just kiss your friendship goodbye. I can't emphasize to you more to just get this out in the open and see what happens as soon possible. In the long run, you will be happy you did so & when that time comes, you could start mending your relationship with him on a "friend" level. I truely hope this works out in your favor & wish you all the luck in the world. I'll be checking up on you!!!
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Thanks, that's some really good advice you have. I apprieciate that, thanks lots, I bet your a really good friend. lol
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Well you should be real about it if thats was me I will say I think we should be freind an nothing more thats how I get throw with things like that I hope that can help you sum
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It is ok to be just friends don't be sad!
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Well just start hanging out and when he trys to kiss you say wait wait wait and tell him that you just want to be friends

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