Why would a guy look at me 4 to 5 times in one minet but look away quickly when he sees me looking? He's 22 why would he act shy? Cause he looked down at the floor quickly and slowly looked back up at my face. He knows i love him.


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Either he has feelings for you but just doesnt wnat to admit to you..he may feel shy telling you , or either he doesnt want to give you the expression that he likes you , that he may not like you at all but since he knows that you like him he feels awkward...I think its best if you speak to him and tell him to give you the truth..
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Hey tiffany, I think you r a prof. And here in this site for a quick research, you not only ask super emotional questions but also you don't follow any one, this type of question can only ask two types of peoples 1st who realy in super emotional by life and 2nd who is a reashercher(I mean a phd holder), I don't know what you really want but I have only a offer for you ... Want to be my friend? (what did you think after looking my profile pic?) m I looking wiread! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Tiffany Olson
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You told me in a nother question that i asked you were from india. I have no problem being friends i just get agrivated that the only guys that want me are from a nother country not my type or both from a nother contry and not my type.
Arun Bera
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Ha ha don't worry at least u r a frined with a super romantic guy, i mean meeee! So like to come with me for tea?
Addilynn All Star
Take what you're given and stop being so negative minded Tiffany..no wonder u dnt find anyone..cus u have expectations and expectations lead to dissapointments.
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Means he wants you to tell him , about how much you love him and cares about him
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Maybe he's the shy type and maybe he doesn't know you love him. If he is acting like that tell him something! And if your not dating someone maybe you can be...
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Tiffany Olson
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No he knows i love him cause i always tell him that i love him. I've never been on a date cause i never had a boyfriend. I caught him staring at me last year at a concert while he was on stage he's in a band. This time he seen me in the crowd at the merch table and he just kept staring at me. And when i looked at him he quickly looked away.
Lola A.
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Maybe he likes you but doesn't want to date you while your not sure of yourself. It happens, I've seen it. Your just not confident in your self.

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