does he like me or is he not interested? 
ok so there is a boy that I like and every time i meet him he always starts the conversations but we never talk much or see each other that often. Once he asked me who i liked.........Now he doesn't really talk to me anymore but always stares at me ALOT. When he makes jokes he always looks at me to see if im laughing. Also last week we were staring at each other in the eyes and he looked away first.......but he doesnt really talk to me like he used to.....and didn't let me follow his twitter......Hes always staring at me(sometimes quick glances) is he shy or not interested?


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Cindy Lou answered

I don't know,  but if you put this much thought into your education as you do wondering if all these guys liked you, you'd have a full ride scholarship to MIT or Stanford.

Then you'd have YOUR PICK  after graduating from college.

Something to seriously think about...

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Are you writing a novel?

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I can't read all that cos my attention span isn't awesome ... So my suggestion is you pick daisy petals ... He loves me ... He loves me not ... BAM ! Or just ask him.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Holy Sheepshit ! That's just about the longest school drama question I've seen. All that writing for that ?

Geez ! Go up and talk to the guy and get things figured out. If he's shy, then go right up to him and talk to him. Your long question will be answered then.

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Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos you get free meals, free hotel and free airfare, fight it out on national TV and free counseling. Maybe a little spending money.

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You could ask him

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