I like this guy. He stares at me and gravitates toward me and looks at me when he makes jokes to my friends, etc. He acts like he REALLY likes me sometimes and then other times he acts more neutral but may look over. So do you think he likes me?


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I say try and get closer to him, hang out with him more to really see if he likes you. It honestly seems like he does, but at the same time boys are another species sometimes and maybe he just considers you a really close friend. Hang out more!!! And if after hanging out for a while you still think there may be something just ask him. And if his answer is no than its no biggie. I made my friend promise me that we would stay friends after I asked him something and he promised, and I asked him if he liked me, and he did and we dated for almost 4 years even now we are best friends so do it and be smooth. Good Luck!

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