I Think My Best Guy Friend Likes Me He Called Me Beautiful He Tackles Me(playfully) And Worries When I Get Sick He Texts Me And No One Else He Acts Crazy To Make Me Laugh He Told Me I Was Pretty And Beautiful? What Do You Think?


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I think that you will not find many of these kind of people. Most people might not care as much about their partner then they do themselves. It is important in a relationship to be in the relationship with someone who cares about you equallyas they do themselves. Its always good, for your partner, or boyfriend to be your best friend. You want to love someone that you actually know, and trust. Some you know will always be there when you need a best friend. I think, this kind of guy just doesnt come around every day, and since he's your best friend. That you should just give it a try, ask him. Start slow, say do you ever think of me as more of a friend? No matter his answer always stay true to yourself, and stay best friends.

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