my crush he often sees and avoids me, he always ask his friends i have to go behind him or I see him, he smiles when he sees I smile with my friends, he angry when I go with another guys. When another girls touch him and him know I over there, he will avoid them touches and see me. But yesterday I tried text to him. When we text he always try he doesn't me but actually he know me. I said text to him so boring so he was angry with me and he said he felt sarcastic cause he know who I am. He was angry because I used fake accountto text with him and he thinked I always wating him in last stair in school ( actually I was just waiting my friends ). He said he knew because his firends and gf told him ( he said he had gf but I see them doesn't kiss, hug, or hold hands, they lways has gap with each other and I asked his friends she said she know don't know him have gf too). He said he felt confuse when I do like that and he cannot explain for me why. Then I screenshot and he said he cannot believe me because I took screenshot and he blocked me. He said with my friend he liked my but he won't dating with me. So why he were rude to me, try don't know me, angry when I just see him and used fake account text with him although he can sees me, smile when he saw I smile with my friends, he angry when I went with another guys,......??? Can you tell me what does he mean when he do all that???
Update: he said he have gf but when I ask him he didn't reply and I didn't following her on instagram and I don't know why he just blocked me on snapchat but instagram don't and when we chat on snapchat when I said he text so boring but he still try text with me. And he always save what he text with me but another people he doesn't do like that


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