Why would my friend mute me on facebook? Before I noticed that my friend would never receive my pm. They would tell me that my messages were not going through. Since I broke my cell recently, I used facebook to get hold of my friends. When I see him in real life he would enjoy talking to me and everything. But then on facebook, it would seem like I would have to force him to message me back on something important. Well I didn't force him, but I just didn't like the feeling of having to chase him around to answer a really important subject. I am not the type of annoying friend that has to get replies within an hour. Sometimes he wouldn't reply for a few days or a week. I would ask him in real life why he wouldn't and he would tell me that my messages didn't go through again. So this time, when I messaged him, my messages finally went through and he saw them. I think he changed the settings or something. But later in the convo, I realized that he muted me. 

Why would he do that? To be honest, I am going to cut off my friendship with him cause I do not like people muting me or trying to ignore me. But in real life they pretend they didn't do anything and that they enjoy seeing me. 


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Calm down Jessica

Just ask him about it first

Might have been an accident or a prank

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No, I don't think it's a prank. He is not the type that likes to prank. I'm just upset because I don't like anyone in general trying to mute me. It's rude..because I am a really kind person in real life, like REALLY nice, so it does not make sense why he would do that.
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I don't really know, but sometimes people divide their life into two sections, online friends and in person friends. Maybe he just puts you in the in person section.

Hoped it helped.

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Are you fair dinkum?

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What I want to know is how you posted a Q that long? I tried to post one less than 1/4 in length and it wouldn't let me.

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If you post your question, Charles, and then you edit your question, you have the ability to add more, such as this case.

I can see the point of limiting the characters, especially with the diary this young girl managed to post. It becomes hard to read.
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Ahh ok nice to know
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It sounds like you may have a crush on him? (REALLY sorry if I'm wrong...)

I know what you are going through. In my life, I had two really close friends. However, over the years, we drifted apart. They became popular, and it was like they left me behind in the "unknown" students at school. It's really tough to know what to do about this.

Most people will tell you, "move on" or "he's obviously not interested in befriending the likes of you". But sometimes, you need to ignore these things. Question yourself. Is your friend important to you? Did you do anything, directly or indirectly, to hurt their feelings? Is your heart telling you that you should stay friends?

You see, when I was going through this, everyone told me to move on from them. But I couldn't, and I still can't accept it. I care about them so much, that it feels wrong if I forget them.

Follow what your gut is telling you to do. Maybe the solution is easy. Talk to him, ask him what's wrong or if there is something you can help him with. Don't loose hope like everyone else is telling you to, you need to be positive. Don't give up.

Tell me what happens! Good luck. :D

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