Will someone please tell me that they have cheated, or been cheated on and still made a success of thier relationship? Anyone?


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I have never cheated on anyone , but I was cheated on twice.  I dumped them both as soon as I found out .  I have now met my one true love, and neither of us will ever cheat on the other. We both love and respect each other to even contemplate it . 
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Many of us have been "cheated on" but, almost all have ended their relationships. There is unfortunately an institution of TRUST that develops around lovers. When that trust has been broken according to the perception of either person, the security to say it will never happen again vanishes. It is kind of like if you never tasted pumpkin pie, you would not be able to say it is good when somebody tells you of it. I cannot explain now but, you will one day learn that 'cheating' only exists in your mind. You have been programmed to believe in 'cheating'. Lots of love to you.
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With all the couples That you describe, that Ive worked with over many years, there is a very slight chance of recovery and actually survived as marital trust is the hardest thing to regain in a relationship and some never ever recover
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Not married, nor have we ever had trust. But theres some stupid connection there that keeps us together. Hope that this may increace the chances, if i have the nerve to keep trying. Thanks for your response
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I have cheated and been cheated on a few times. Though that was three years ago. We are now dating again with a very sucessful relationship full of trust. I wish you luck!

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