How To Forget Someone You Love?


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You need to be sure that by letting your partner go, you are doing the right thing. You both need to take some time to talk about feelings, and decide what the best thing to do is.

Communicate Clearly With Your Partner
You need to ensure that there is complete communication. You need to talk about the relationship and see how your partner responds.

Keep calm and don’t make the focus of the conversation accusatory. Don’t play the blame game, just express your opinion.

Also, don’t let the conversation linger without getting to a point. Make sure you remain confident and direct in your approach by keeping your explanations and wishes concise.

You should also give examples of your cause. You need to express how you have been affected by particular situations, and what emotions you have felt. Tell your partner what hurt you, and what upsets you. This helps pin point the precise issues that are problematic within the relationship.

After communication, there is release. You need to make things final by setting new rules. You should make your breakup an even break up by no longer seeing each other, and allow yourself to heal properly. Don’t accept phone calls, emails or texts if your ex wants to check on you. This only creates confusion.

Move Forward With Your Life
Move on in your life by filling your new schedule with projects and activities with other people. Go places with your friends and family, and catch up with things on your to-do list that you may have put off prior to the break up. When you feel like you’re ready, get back out and meet new people who may be ‘more suitable’.

You should keep a distance from your ex for at least a few months, and maybe even a year, before you try to maintain a friendship. You need to have the person out of your system before trying to befriend them.
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Well, here is a simple answer for you: You can't. If you love him, then that love isn't just going to fade away. Sorry if this isn't the answer you're looking for but it's the truth. You can't just forget about someone you love, and if you can, then you never really loved them to begin with.

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Forgetting someone you love so much is something you can't do, even if you wanted to. What can help you is time alone - thats what everyone says.

But I am going through the same thing as you at the moment. I have been away from my boyfriend for one year and three months, yet my love for him hasn't died a bit! I still love him the same, or maybe even more.

In my case, time is doing no good. Yes, it may be making me mentally stronger, but its not helping me to forget him. However, your case may be different, hopefully. Whenever that person enters your mind, try to distract yourself by watching TV, or doing something interesting, going out with friends or doing some other activities.

The thing is, you don't need to forget that person, but you just need to move on for your own good. I wish you all the best!
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There are not many ways to forget someone, even if you love him with all your heart and soul. However they say that time is the best healer and takes all your pain away. Try to go out with someone else, remain with your close friends and go shopping.
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It's very hard to forget about someone, just off the bat. You have to give it some time, and just do things to keep him off your mind for a while, like hang out with friends and play games, go to the movies, or something like that. Time will pass, and pretty soon, you'll be over it!

Good luck!
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You should never forget someone you once loved if you truly loved them. And if you still think of them, then you still love them.

I've been in love and I'm still best friends with my ex and I'm completely over her now. You think about them sometimes, but try dating someone else that you really like and see how that works out.

Good Luck!
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It's different for everyone, I however found out I couldn't move on, so I took action, and now she is by my side. Try it, just take action and whatever happens do not give up or settle for less.

You will never forget about someone you love, the only way to move on is to cut off all contact with them. Delete their number, delete them from your Facebook friends, and do whatever you can to distance yourself. This is the only way to move on, and it will get easier over time.
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It takes time, time heals all wounds. As time goes by you will start to lose feelings for the person that you were in love with. Time heals all wounds and wounds need time to heal...
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Well, this is very common problem. We really can't forget our first love, it's something very difficult but not impossible, especially for ladies. My advice to you is that try to spend maximum time with your family as you are married now and love your husband.

So whenever time ticks on just think about your husband and how much you love him and that you have to be sincere with him now, not only physically, but also mentally or emotionally. Just think about good times that you have spent with your husband. This really works if you can live without your first love then you can also forget him.
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This happened to me before a year ago. I loved this guy more than I loved life itself, then he hurt me. I couldn't get him off my mind for a while. But what I did do though was to focus on my studies and school work. Now I have a new amazing boyfriend and barely ever think about my ex any more.
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I do not know why you want to forget this person, but if you love them try to put them in a place in your memory where it will not hurt. Think about all the good times you had with that person and minimize the bad times. If you keep practising this, it will get better as the days pass and you will be able to deal with the disappointment of it all. Take care.
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Well the same thing happened with me, but the simplest way to forget someone you love is to try to stay close to your parents, especially your mother. Discuss this matter with her and she will hopefully be able to help you.
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Same thing hir.. She always on my mind and i can't forget all of she said to me...things just happened and i know time will heal all of our pains.. Just forget the past and face the new day of our life... And there is someone who really cares for us and that is our family and friends... Specially don't forget GOD... Promise it will ease the pain away...
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Forgetting someone you loved is difficult but you have to think about how much you have sacrificed to love her and how much she sacrificed also. Try to do a lot of things and always occupy your mind with positive things rather than making regrets. Move on and give someone a chance to take care of you and see how much they are willing to give you 

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