If You Are Pregnant By One Man And Have Unprotected Sex With Another Man, Can It Affect Your Baby?


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Because you are pregnant, your cervix is closed tight and filled with a mucus 'plug'.  This keeps sperm from getting to your baby, so no, the dna  of your little one will not be affected.  The only thing that could affect the baby at this point would be if you contracted an std.
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Actually, there is a possibility of you having a baby by BOTH men.  That's right! Twins by two different father's.  Your ex doesn't have to "cum", just the pre-ejaculatory fluid is enough to impregnant you.  If you are already pregnant, that baby's DNA is already determined.
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And I stated at the end of my comment that if she was already pregnant...that that baby's DNA is already determined, meaning that it was impossible for that baby's DNA to be "affected" or changed. And yes if you have sex with two different men while you are ovulating you CAN get pregnant by BOTH men!!
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I know that. It's just that at the beginning of your answer you told her she could be having twins with two different men when she had explained that she was already pregnant when she had sex with the second guy. You left the 'if' for your very last statement. I just saw no reason for you to scare her like that.
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Then perhaps she shouldn't be cheating on the "now" boyfriend with her "ex"!!!! Especially since she is "already" pregnant! Does that seem right to you????? Let's put the shoe on the other foot, would she want her "now" boyfriend to do that to her? I think more people need the crap scarred out of them, perhaps they'd think more about what they're doing before they do it. But, just to let you know, I didn't say it to scare her, just to educate her. That's one thing I hate about forums like this....the inflection in your "voice" can't be heard!! Sorry you were offended. And IS she pregnant or just speculating because her boyfriend ejaculated in her? See, you can only "know" what you read....but do you know if it's true.....I was looking at both situations.

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