Can One Man Sperm Kill Another Mans Sperm?


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I took a marriage and family class from Dr. Joseph Barnes. As I recall, he provided evidence that about 1/3 of a man's sperm are the only one's that impregnate an egg. A second1/3 of his sperm kind of run with the first 1/3 like protectors. The last 1/3 just swam around in circles and were originally thought to be malformed, until they introduced a second man's sperm. Then those last 1/3 began to attack the second man's sperm. The second 1/3 tried to protect against those attacking sperm to allow the impregnating one's to get to the egg.
So, to from what I learned, a man's sperm, at least 1/3 of them, will attack and kill a second man's sperm.
Evidence was also supported by the occurrence of infertility in prostitute's who often have the presence of sperm from two men or more at a time. Her body develops anti-sperm antibodies that also kill sperm. The remedy was to wait at least three days before having sex with another man to give the first man's sperm a chance to die (since they only live about 72 hours). The result was increased safety of a woman's continued fertility and lowering risk to the second man's sperm being killed by the first.
I've been searching for documentation to confirm what I was taught by Dr. Barnes on this subject. He showed us a film of petri dish recordings of sperm behaving in this manner. It was very compelling to watch. So, maybe "some" sperm is "friendly", but from what I remembers seeing, 1/3 is not friendly at all in the presence of another man's sperm.
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One man's sperm do not kill another man's sperm because sperm are very friendly.  However, one man's sperm can swim faster than another man's sperm and win the race to become the father of the new baby.

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