Can any of you put me in a happier mood?


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Guys  shouldnt  cheat  and  You are  fairly young  and  You seem to
Stay  loyal  and  faithful  when you  have  a  boyfriend
My answer  is  guys  want  things  their  way
Which is  totally wrong  , You are  human  and
Your  a  voice  to  be heard , Dont let  anyone
Push  you  around  and  Dont  get  down over  parents
And  or  your  over your  friends , just do this  the next time
When the next  time they  ask something, Just  walk away or
Walk  out  the house , Go  out  on the porch , Get  a breath
Of  fresh  air  and  Go  to your  room , Sooner or later
Your parents  and even  your  friends  will  come around
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dani kristen
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Thanku that puts things into perpective for me and yes i am a very loyal person i thought tha ti was doing everything right because we never fought once and we always seemed so interested in each other and we got along great
John Bearfoot
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Just make me a promise of any guy you meet , Who may be your bf , Dont give into him , When guys start controlling And Start worrying
About one thing all the time ,Its time to say Adios Amigo which means Good Bye my Friend , If he says whats wrong? Hit the road dude!!
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You are the only one in charge of your own feelings. There is nothing we can do. Listen to music that makes you feel happy - take a nice long bath with scented bath salts - take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

A few years ago, I made a pledge to myself to be happy every single day for the rest of my life. It really works - no one can make me feel anything I don't want to feel.
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When you bump your knee it hurts, the hurt warns you that you were injured so it does not escalate. I hurt feeling is frm a perception that gives you an emotion that alters your feelings. Its your choice. It resonates from the thoughts you put into your head. Put positive thoughs into your head. Do you have a faith?
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Go look for silly stuff. That usually makes me happy. Or get a joke book.
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Have a bad cold, can;t stop thinking of my ex that cheated, my parents are ignoring me, my friends act like everythings better when  im not around and i cant find some of my favorite songs on youtube because theya re really old
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Oh im sorry, im sure you'll find a guy than him and search on youtube for new music and about your parents, you probably should ask your parents why they're ignoring you

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