How Can I Satisfy A Girl Sexually?


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Satisfying a girl sexually is the subject of some serious debate. Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect lover, so often just being open and talking about your partner's sexual desires will give you a boost in the bedroom.

Having said that, talking about sex can be a bit of a mood killer, so here are a few hints that you might want to bring into your 'game plan'.

How to satisfy a girl in bed

If you ever ask a girl what she wants in bed, she'll often have a long list of things that her partner (or partners) aren't getting right. My advice with any sexual dialogue is to forget about the negatives and find out what she actually WANTS.
Here's a list of the things to keep in mind:

  • Make love to her 'whole body'
This probably sounds like the type of sex-tip men steal from reading Cosmopolitan or some other girly magazine, but it actually works. Kissing her all over, from her head to her ankles is guaranteed to turn her on. How you kiss is just as important as what you kiss, so no clumsy slobbering please.
Tease her with kisses around her inner thigh, the small of her back and other sensitive areas. Use your hands to explore her body, and try staying away from her vagina for as long as possible. The more you get into this, the more it'll drive your woman crazy.

  • Oral sex is a turn-on
If there's one thing that women always complain about, it's that their man doesn't go 'south with the mouth' often enough. Women enjoy oral sex just as much as men do, and yet I'm sure statistics would find that women end up performing far more oral sex than men. Try balancing that figure out.

  • Give her something new in bed
Being spontaneous is really good. Catching her off-guard is a definite turn-on. If your sex-life is usually gung-ho and aggressive, try slowing things down and being gentle. If you always have careful and considerate sex, try turning it up a notch or two.

  • Noisy sex is good sex
This is probably a point that divides people. Some people are naturally noisy in bed, some are a little more timid. I find that making noise during sex works like a form of primal communication. The 'ooohhs and aaahhs' are a way of letting a partner know they are doing a good job and hitting the right spot, so I'd encourage noisy sex. This is especially true for oral sex where you will obviously find it difficult to read someone's facial expressions.

  • Be open and adventurous
In my opinion, the key to a healthy and fulfilling sex-life is being open and adventurous. Talk about fantasies, make sex fun. I find that having a drink and a giggle before bed really gets the juices flowing and helps break down the barriers.
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This is a question that is most asked by men. Simply loving and caring for a woman is pleasure during sex. And being gentle and sensitive towards her needs. Holding her, rubbing her face, making her feel beautiful in and out of the bedroom.

A woman's feelings and emotions are connected as one. Which means her heart and sexual parts of her body work together. So to make a woman pleased you simply have to show her that she is desired in all her areas.

If she feels you just love the sexual part she will have no pleased feelings sexually because this is all your feeling towards her. But if she knows that you care and your taking time by say rubbing her gently embracing,caressing her body.

Well, that makes a woman happy - you have to rub a lamp to get it going! I want to compare to that because that is how a woman's body works. Sure it might take about 7 minutes to rub her to get ready to make love to her. This process is well worth it you gave your time to make her feel good by getting her ready.

And trust me this works and you will feel good that you please her by simply showing that you care to please. Take time to massage, kiss her stomach, rub her breast, do this things gently as I said.

No woman likes to feel like you're rushing to get in her pants. It's all about smooth, taking your time, and showing that you care about her feelings. Consideration sexually is always a great thing with females. So I hope my advice helps. Good Luck.
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Girls like Passion, we don't want it to be fast and meaningless. When we tell you how to do something don't fight with us just do it. A big part of sex is knowing that you are connected.
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Girls don't like being pressured into sex.. And when they are ready they will either tell you or when you ask them won't be reluctant.  If she's a virgin, then you are probably going to have to wait a while until they are ready to lose their virginity.
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Be kind. Being gentle and slow and then holding each other after. The most powerful aphrodisiac is being cherished.

I think you should be gentle and calm until the laddy is ready to go hard and fast. Just remember to provide good sexual activity. Oh and make sure you love the girl and she likes you.
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Well I'm a lesbian, and satisfying a girl can be tricky, because not all girls like the same things.
Now if the girl is an open person then its easy, just ask her what she likes. But if she's the shy type then when your in bed with her pay attention to her body movement when touch or kiss certian parts. And when your in the moment ask her if she likes what your doing. UM...I hope I helped
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Communication, communication, communication.
Talk w/ her and take the time to find out what she wants, needs, desires from you as her lover.
Be very observant to her responses, movements, words and noises.
Don't ignore anything and repeat what ever gets the best reactions.
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Well first off all. Do whatever is in your power to do it how she wants and where and when. Most women for sure enjoy orals. They do when it is done to dem. Play with her most sensitive areas. Be real romantic and passionate. Be loving. And let her guide you and thats how you will satisfy her.
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Sometimes talking and asking what she likes is the best way. Mind you, you may not like what you hear, that is a chance you have to take, but if you are in an open and honest relationship, should be no problem
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What a woman wants from a man/her partner?

Actually it is very difficult to understand women.  What they want  only they know. Satisfying her fully by rubbing; kissing; oral sex; & finally real action as much as she wants (say about one hour) should be enough. 

But it is seen that in spite of those things, my wife is running after another man. Actually understanding women is not easy.

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