How Do We Know That, Our Partner(woman) Got Satisfied In Sex?


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She will jump to a fully upright vertical position, leaps to the nearest window, opens it, bellows out, the First line of Sam and Dave's classic, "Hold on I'm Coming" to the world at large & throws, as hard as she possibly can the "jumbo" battery operated with optional 110 volt backup cycle facial massager out the window and takes an opportunity to backflip to your location, and while kneeling, at your feet and murmurs sweetly, "YOU ARE THE BEST" and twinkling her eye and nodding her head towards the night stand to add, "Don't worry, when You are not Home", I still have the new "jumbo plus" model over there to get me through; till you're here and in my arms once again! The End of another male fantasy!
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Ask her , she will give the most correct answer no one else can know what she is feeling .
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If she looks at you, touches your face and smiles-she's satisfied.

If she looks at you and asks you what time it is (she may smile..she may not) she's being kind.
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Well something like that you can just feel out especially if you've been with her for a while. If not, then the only honest answer I can give you is to ask her and tell her to be honest with you!
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Ask her. Tell her be honest with you. And tell her your reason why your asking. She has no choice but to be real..
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Her face expression tells it all. She will be more in an excited state, she will be doing all types of sounds.
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When I was young that very question haunted me for about 5 min.. Women are as sexual an animal as men. Only diff. Is they like the hunt and we like the ,well you know what we like. The longer the hunt ( foreplay ) The better the sex, First you make'm squirm,then you make'm scream.. Generally slow and easy wins the prize. NOTE: For all you ladies who read this,sorry the cat is out of the bag!!
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Thats something you should ask her. But you should be able to know by the way she looks at you or how she acts when you're done.

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