My Wife Says That I Am Not Doing Sex Properly. Could Someone Please Explain The Proper Way To Do It?


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You are such a loser, here are some important steps that can help you to do sex properly:
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To answer your question concerning an explanation on the proper way. I believe this is the question you have asked and&tbsp;want answered. Right?&tbsp;I will answer without getting my personal feelings involved here.

&tbsp;I&tbsp;think that if you ask your wife, she will be better able to explain than anyone else because women are different and she is the only person who truly knows what she likes best.
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I have a few good pointers for you:

1. Have AT LEAST 15-20 minutes of good foreplay before going anywhere near her nether regions. Yes, I said nether regions. A woman's genitals are a lot more sensitive than a man's in some ways, so if she's isn't ready it's not going to feel good to her: It's just going to feel weird and uncomfortable because she isn't properly aroused yet. This can be incredibly frustrating to a woman. This first step is pretty vital. And even if she says she's ready, don't move on to the next step for at least 15 minutes. She might protest at first but she'll thank you in the end.
2. Oral sex is a must! And that should be at least another 15. Preferably more if time permits. -> I should also add here that you need to make sure you have a technique that she enjoys. All women are different, so you should have a talk with her about this. And don't let her shy away from the question. Make her answer it!
3. Double check that she is 100% ready before any type of penetration happens. Otherwise she has no chance of orgasm. A good tip is to get her so turned on that she feels like she may explode if you don't penetrate her in some way.

Your wife obviously does not feel comfortable talking to you about these things and has become frustrated by her lack of communication with you. So I really hope you follow these guidelines. Once you get these things down, she'll hopefully feel a lot more comfortable talking about sex with you.
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The problem between men and women is the way we achieve orgasm. A man will climax under 3 minutes, then it becomes harder to maintain the rhythm. Women, on the other hand, requires as much as 15 minutes of non-stop stimulation for them to climax. Myself, I always follow up by going down on her immediately, after I've climaxed. I stay down there until she has had enough. Women often experience multiple-orgasm; they climax for a moment, then again a few seconds later. In contrast, men can only do it once. When going down on your wife, I recommend to stay at it until she says she's had enough. With my wife, I'm down there for 20 minutes to ½ an hour before she tells me she's fully satisfied. When a my wife is serviced and satisfied regularly, I find she's often in a good mood most of the day. When I neglect her because my job requires me to travel and be away from home days or weeks at a time, then she's temperamental and gets upset over the most trivial things. I've read somewhere that women attain better chemical balance and more positive moods when they attain satisfaction on a regular basis. To keep the peace at home, I offer to go down on her every night before I turn in, just so she wakes up in a good mood in the morning.
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Well ask her what she wants you to do.Also ask her how she wants you to do it,it might feel a little embarrassing but remember what you won't do another man will.Tell her just walk you through it and you'll take it from there.
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It sounds as if she is a want wit. And should have thought of what marriage really is before being married. The vows are are not just words but a contract for better or worse.

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