What would be your ideal wedding gift?


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I am going to be soppy.  The best gift everyone gave me on my Wedding Day was their presence at my Wedding.  Simply being there and helping me to celebrate one of the happiest days of my life, filled me with such joy and happiness.  It really didn't matter to me if it rained or if some of the flowers were a slightly different colour, just so long as there was, my soon to be husband, myself, the congregation and of course the registrar everything else didn't really matter.

As long as you are organised nothing should go wrong and if something does go wrong it is up to your bridesmaids, best man etc to rectify it, today the Bride and Groom have no worries! The only thing you can not control is the weather, so why worry!

Like everyone else I did have a wedding list and put things on there that we needed.  We did also consider about asking for currency so that when we went on our honeymoon we had spending money, however we had already saved enough to take with us.  I have also heard about people asking for donations to a charity, which is a really nice touch.

But like I said before our guests taking the time and money to get dressed up and attend our wedding was just perfection.

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