So I'm sorta interested in this guy. I don't really have a crush on him though. His friend's talk about me so I think he might be interested too. One of my friend's is friend's with him and he has his number. How should I get it?


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Just be upfront with your friend and just tell her you think this guy is cool and you'd like to get to him better and you want to call him up.If you want something you just have to go for it !
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Mandy Clark
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Sorry i screwed that up. The friend is NOT a girl. Idk where my brain's been today...
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Janey's still right. Be cool about it, try not to blush. Be honest and tell him you want to be friends with the guy. He's your friend, right? You should me comfortable around him.
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If you want to go for it? Cause she will just say it its just a fiend kinda thing,
UNLESS YOU REALLY LIKE THIS GUY, don't try to make it happen by trying to flirt and stuff to make him like you. (This is CJ's GF!!! I took it when he was sleeping  LOL)

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